10 Cool Coffee Brown Hair Color Ideas

People say that blondes have all the fun, but brunettes will likely beg to differ. Although most hair trends today tend to go for lighter shades, there’s nothing like the richness and depth brown hair gives. Regardless of the length of hair, brown shades add warmth and dimension to any skin tone.

There are many ways you can style brown hair, but to understand its diversity, it’s important to learn about all the different shades of brown hair there is.

In case you are a brunette, you’ve certainly go to the proper place. We’ve obtained several wonderful hairstyles and also hair colour ideas which will look good for you. Coffee brown hair color is ravishing no matter if it’s solid, mixed with highlights or even washed into a much lighter softer tone to the ends.

Shades of Brown

Brown hair is as general as you can get. There are so many varied hues and shades of brown hair you can find. A quick glance around in any public room you might be, you’ll see easy evidence of this. From the darkest brown to the lightest brown, it’s easy to argue the fact that brown hair is beautiful.

The darkest shades of brown are almost black, but you’ll see hints of other tones such as caramel, red, and others more in the sunlight. Medium brown hair may range from chocolate, mahogany, to golden brown. The lightest shades of brown hair include amber brown, light caramel, to an ashy brown.

Hairstyles for Brown Hair

Brown hair is truly versatile. It can be cut long or short depending on your face frame, and it can look good either way. Luscious, long dark brown hair has a sense of elegance to it. Put up on a messy bun and it becomes very relaxed. Style it along the top of the neck with messy braids and then it becomes a chic rustic look. Medium to light brown hair have a luminous sense to them. This is the perfect color hair for the girl-next-door type of look. But once you fix light brown hair into an intricate up do, then it becomes just as elegant as any other.


Dyeing Your Hair Brown

If you already have brown hair, there are ways to add even more dimension to your natural hair. For dark brown shades, you can incorporate highlights to soften the look of your hair. Ombre looks are also one of the latest fads in hair fashion, and brown ombres are stunning and unique.

Lighter brunettes can incorporate low lights to deepen the tone of their hair. If you are not a brunette and are looking to dye your hair brown, you can do so by adding a lot of brown highlights or coloring your entire head of hair a shade of brown.

Black hair can be lightened with a brown toner or bleached completely to accommodate any brown shade. Blonde hair will be fully receptive to any brown color, and any dye job will result to beautiful and exquisite brown hair.

How to Care for Brown Hair

Caring for your brown hair will depend on a number of factors. The texture of your hair, the length, and the color of your hair should all be considered when you are taking care of your brown hair. Depending on how oily or dry your scalp gets should determine how often you wash your hair.

Make sure to use hair products that won’t dry your hair out too much. You’ll start noticing your ends get a little browner than typical when you start to accumulate a lot of split ends. Getting regular haircuts will guarantee that your brown hair will grow beautifully.

During the summertime, take extra measure to protect your hair from the sun. Although the sun can give you some natural highlights during the summer, it can also cause your brown hair to have a duller color. Especially for color treated hair, use specialized shampoo and regular treatments to prevent your brown hair from fading.

The winter can also cause your hair to dry out, and with brown hair, drying is a little bit more noticeable. Take the time to moisturize your brown hair well to keep it healthy. It’s important to pay attention to your hair because it will give you signs of what it needs.

Famous Brunettes

If you aren’t a brunette already and are thinking about it, go ahead and try it out. You can get inspiration from some of the most famous natural brunettes such as Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie. Join the ranks of such beauties and style your brown hair with confidence and elegance.

1. Coffee brown hair color with ombre highlights

This ombre appearance is perfect for brunettes who wish to put some creamy caramel features. Elizabeth Gillies moved for soft curls to show the soft smooth transformation of color that actually accentuates her face features flatteringly.

Coffee brown hair color with ombre highlights

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