20 Best Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women with round faces or maybe chubby cheeks occasionally believe that they should wear their hair long or even include extensions to get attention away from a plumper visage. However, generally most of that hair may weigh you down and also look quite dated. Bobs are certainly the model of the moments, specially their shoulder length variations, which always come with length, fabulous silhouette along with suitable slimming effect. Either you are a blonde or maybe brunette with wavy hair or even straight tresses, there is certainly a bob hairstyles that won’t overemphasize your round face. Have a look at our best 20 options below.

Best Bobs hairstyles for Round Faces

If you would like make your face seem slimmer with a bob haircut, head out no shorter than a chin length in-front. It may be a stacked bob with shorter nape, angled bob, graduated bob or even longer bob – lob. Select an off-centered and side part – they won’t get your face chubbier.


1. Classic And Cute Cut

Classic And Cute Cut

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