20 Bryce Harper Haircut Ideas in 2018

One of the most renowned stars of the Major League Baseball Bryce Harper is nowadays famed for his unconventional haircuts as much as he is appreciated for the game. “Bryce Harper Haircut” has taken over the planet with a storm.

Bryce signed with the Washington Nationals as a right fielder to be branded as the youngest player ever taking part in this beautiful game. Fashion enthusiasts dig the “Bryce Harper Haircut” as much as sports enthusiasts examine his playing potentials.

Coveted on and off the field, Bryce Harper is surely making a statement to all those who crave for a king size life. Slick-backs, undercuts and mohawks sported by Bryce have certainly gone viral enough to label itself as a “Bryce Harper Hairstyles”.

One of the most stylish icons of the sports universe in recent times Bryce is definitely a charismatic and stylish lad off the pitch. Its a privilege when we discuss some of the trendiest hairdo’s sported by Bryce Harper. read also: how to get 360 waves

Bryce Harper Mohawk


One might probably wonder as to how someone wearing a helmet most of the time can have a hairdo so flawless, so impeccable and so unscathed. In Bryce’s words his success in the game is all because of his haircuts motivating him to set a standard for himself even when he is off the pitch.

Mr. Harper sacrifices 30 minutes of his life everyday to groom his hair properly and even prior to his involvement in any game. Before setting his feet on the baseball ground Bryce sets his hair for more than half an hour which certainly keeps his hair unaffected whether he has his helmet on or off.


One of the most notable haircuts sported by Bryce is where the thickness of the hair prevails but the length is cut short. The sides are excavated which runs into the beard providing a look which most baseball players die for.

Slick hair is not an issue anymore with “Bryce Harper Hairstyles” since Bryce had come up with a hairdo which allows you to back brush your slick hair after applying a certain amount of Black Dye to it. Another remarkable haircut is the wavy top haircut where the hair on the crown region of the head remains undulated.

Bryce Harper Hair Style Tutorial

A little trimmed beard also compliments this impressive and splashy look. A forward flip-up hairdo is one of the classiest and elegant looks exhibited by Bryce Harper in recent times. The top portion of the hair which is flipped back a bit imitates the “Mohawk”;

however, the sides are not completely shaved off as seen in a “Mohawk” but is tenderly trimmed so that a beard can be grown alongside.Another hairstyle perfectly blending with a hat on the top of the head is a medium cut hair which remains boorish and crass in order to provide an extra edge for this exhilarating look.

A vigorous hairdo gaining a lot of popularity is the one where a tinge or hue of grey and white is applied after slicking the hair back to give an aged look with the face of a sparkling youth. The Man-Bun is one trend which has thoroughly been displayed by many sportsmen across the globe and also is a major part of bryce harper haircut style Titled by some as “Batman in the making”

this hairdo looks really cool with a Bat-mask on and comes handy when you need to tie up your hair so as to prevent it from falling all over your face. The back brushed hair with sides totally shaved off is one which gives a distinct look to many. An old school haircut portrayed by Europeans during the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s is one of the most familiar hair styles accepted by the 21st century. Lately, Bryce has been spotted sporting the Vanilla Sky hairstyle as well.

Some of the wisest mortals have correctly stated that a man’s personality is often judged by his hairdo and the shoe he slips into. The length of your hair scantily matters while taking a haircut. What matters is your personality; the way you are going to carry it, the way you allow others to perceive and inspect you. Who knows, one fine day you will have a hairstyle for yourself which no one has ever sported before. Don’t follow the trend, commence a new one.

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Bryce Harper Long Hair

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