20 Edgy how to Jazz Up Your Short Hair with Highlights

Colouring short hair with highlights is the simplest way to ensure it is interesting and edgy. Either you love your short pixie cuts or maybe can’t wait for your short crop to grow out, you can still add lowlights and highlights and to show your new tone, ‘do few depth and also texture. You can find limitless options, from conventional blonde highlights to platinum or hot pink. In case you don’t like them, you may color over them quite easily enough, however chances are you’ll want to try out various color each couple of months.

Short Hair with Highlights Ideas

Blonde ‘lights on brown colored base already have turn into classics however you may also go lesser conventional ways, such as trying blue and brown or teal, blonde and red,  golden blonde combos and rose gold, to list just a few. Further ideas with images are listed below.

Short hair with highlights generally looks exciting, and also there’s a lot space to play around. You may try out vivid colors, bold or perhaps get daring with additional conventional hues – like this ravishing red ‘do in #1. Why not rock a pixie only to highlight your hair?

Picture Of Short Hair with Highlights

1.  Short black hairstyle with burgundy peekaboo highlights

Short black hairstyle with burgundy peekaboo highlights


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