20 Purple and Blue Hair Ideas

It is universally accepted that the colors purple and blue hair convey importance and confidence.This is why it is such a favorite purple and blue hair of the corporate world.If you are a woman, who is willing to stray from the straight and narrow as regards your personal appearance, if you are willing to take risks to increase your glamor quotient, you may like to think about the colors purple and blue hair for your hair.But let’s start looking blue hair.


Blue Hair Dye – 4 Common Questions and Answers

Do I need to bleach my hair before dying it blue?

If you have dark hair, then yes, you will need to fade your hair before dying it blue. If you already have a color in your hair, you may need to use a color remover to get your hair back to its original color. Black hair will most surely require bleaching, but a lighter brown may not. It’s possible to get away without bleaching your hair first if you have a lighter hair color. However, it might not turn out the way you want. If you are unsure, it is best to go to your salon and ask one of the stylists.

Bright blue and purple balayage hair

Where can I find/buy blue hair dye?

You are more likely to find blue hair dye at a local salon. There are a few places online that do carry blue hair dye, but surprisingly, it’s not too many. The bottom of this article contains a link which displays the top selling blue hair dye’s from Amazon. There are a few other places online that a Google search may help you locate.

How can I remove blue hair dye from my skin?

There is no correct answer to this question, but many people have their theories. The most common methods are as follows:

-Cooking oil
-Shaving cream
-Nail polish remover/Rubbing alcohol
-Head and shoulders shampoo

Keep in mind that these are only suggestions that people have made in the past. They may or may not work for you. It might be best to go to a salon and ask the people there. They will most likely be able to give you a ton of suggestions, and they may even have the supplies required to get it done.

Purple and Blue Hair Color Tutorial

How do I get rid of the blue dye in my hair?

You may be able to remove the blue dye using a color remover. Another option is bleaching your hair and dying it back to whatever color you desire. The majority of blue hair dyes – especially the ones you purchase online – are only semi-permanent and require some washes to get it out. Make sure you read any labels before dyeing your hair, so you know how to get the dye out of your hair. It may be that you do not even need to use a remover or bleach.

The Color Purple – Purple Hair Extensions

The Color Purple is one of the most arresting hues in the universe. It’s impossible to ignore and is somehow inextricably linked to things royal and things mysterious. Women who wear Purple attract attention whenever they make an appearance perhaps because they bring with them both the heat of red and the coolness of blue. It would not be out of place to mention that Purple was the favorite color of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, the legendary beauty. With so much going for it, don’t you think you should also avail of its alluring qualities to increase your appeal?

How are you going to do this? You could dress in the shade of purple that suits your personality and enhances your looks. There is a broad range of hues that constitute the color Purple such as lilac, lavender, orchid and eggplant. Carefully consider which suits you most and flaunt it on yourself. And let us give you a proposal that might astound you at first – Add Purple to your hair! Choose the shade of Purple that suits your face and hair the most. Not every shade is right for you and you have to take into consideration your base hair color, the color of your eyes and your skin tone. We are not suggesting that you don a full wig which is colored Purple as this may be overkill. Instead, use a Purple Hair Extension to add highlights to your hair in the shade of Purple that most become you.

Teal hair with chunky pink highlights

Hair Extensions are an easy way of bringing the stylish Purple look to your hair. It is a process by which lengths of real or synthetic hair is attached to the hair that you already have using one of several application methods. If implemented by an experienced “extensionist,” the procedure will ensure that you have a fuller head of hair than you have and it will be almost impossible to tell that the extension is not your hair.

There are two application methods which are most commonly in use for Hair Extensions. One is the Individual Strands method, and the other is the Wefts method. The first method involves selecting between 30-40 strands of the hair that you want to be attached and fixing them to your hair by gluing them on or by fusing them together or by clamping with metal rods. The Weft Method requires the “extensionist” to put together Wefts made out of real or synthetic hair and attaching them to your head. Wefts are small batches of hair which are held together at one end and are free-flowing at the other.

Once you have had the Purple Hair Extensions done, you will have an unusual hairstyle that will show off your Purple highlights in a most stylish way. Seeing your new, trendy look, your friends and admirers may hark back to the beautiful Queen Cleopatra, whose favorite color was Purple.

Once you have made up your mind as to what sort of hair to use either purple and blue hair, find an experienced “extensionist.” Make proper inquiries as an inexperienced “extensionist” could end up damaging your hair.After you find him/her, go ahead and get your purple and blue hair Extensions done.

Hair trends may come from anywhere along with the latest dye obsession is no exclusion. Galaxy dye is a special mix of purple and blue hair supposed to appear like the starry night sky. There are a lot of coloring options with the same hues like unicorn, mermaid and also opal hair. From ombre to highlights, this appearance may be created in various many ways. Just check out!

Purple and Blue are analogous colours , i.e. nearby on the twelve part colour wheel. It means they appear harmonious with each other and will not create a stark difference. With analogous colours it is possible to create awesome romantic or magical color combos to show your inner self.

There is not any style that cannot be immediately revamped with purple and blue hair dye. It gives a modern touch to actually the most simple styles. From short to long hairstyles, straight to curly hairstyles, this colour combo will work for any woman.

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