20 Stunning Jaw-Dropping Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyles with loose locks are usually quite flattering for round faces. Straight tresses on each side of your face handle it partially, also it seems narrower. Apart from, they come up with long vertical lines near to your sweet full face, elongating it visually to your benefit. Waves and also curls furthermore conceal the whole of a round face, even though they shouldn’t create any too much volume on the sides.

Centre parting can be another no-no for round faces. In other words,  you have to avoid any kind of symmetry and also rounded shapes in favour of asymmetry and also vertical/diagonal lines. It is usually, for example, a long bob hairstyles with hair tucked behind your ear to the side and long tresses freely dropping on your face on the other. Thus, the two main rules of long hairstyles for round faces are prevention of centre parting and also too much voluminous ‘dos.

Long Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Features in long hair are a good choice for added vertically lines in your hairstyles. Apart from, they appear very trendy that will accentuate your eyes or perhaps make your skin appear fresher. Highlights are usually more visible and also showy on nicely straight hair. Hence, straightening your hair with a flat iron consistently is an optimal styling answer for women with round faces. Don’t forget about to apply thermal protection goods.

Celebs with round faces frequently sport curls on the red carpet. It is possible to recreate this tendency, however be sure you consider the following nuances. Long curly hairstyles for round faces appear wonderful when they begin at the middle length or maybe are completed only at the ends. At the roots hair must be slightly teased. Be sure to shy away from intense volume.

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1. Straight and Silvery

Straight and Silvery

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