20 Trendy French Braid Hairstyles

Looking for a design that affords low maintenance and care, yet can look elegant and casual? The French Braid Hairstyles is a flattering, sexy style for women with medium to long hair and if this is you. French braid hairstyles are beautiful classics and they are ideal for many events. From classy affairs at night and a wedding to peaceful days around city, fishtails, French braids and also Dutch braids will certainly come with and also enhance your each gown. All you have to to do will be to learn a couple of braiding techniques after which get a little innovative.

French Braid Hairstyles will never go out of fashion. Why? This is because braids give girls multiple options to fashion their hair. Plus, you don’t need the help of an expert or a hair stylist to make up different styles with braids.

You can choose from French Braid Hairstyles. Braids are so versatile, they can be interwoven with pretty ribbons, or pinned in place with classy clip.

Here have a countdown of our top braid designs that you can try and we dish-out a few helpful tips on how to maintain healthy hair and avoid damage and dryness.

Perfectly Pulled Back Braids

If you have long, flowing locks, you can have it in a braided, sophisticated style that is perfect for a date or a formal social occasion. Once braided, you can simply part your hair midway or a bit on the side of your face.

Go for micro braids. If you have a small round face, micro braids will totally look cute on you. You can also use beads to make small braids.More complex braiding techniques such as corn rowing – usually used by African Americans but an increasing number of other people now use this technique, can take up to three hours to complete.

Braids with Beads – Having your hair braided with beads is the perfect look if you are gearing for a long summer getaway in some exotic tropical island.Another formal hairstyle that can be made from the braids is the up- dos. Make a lot of micro braids and then pin them all up in one bun. This is a formal style and looks very good on people who have curly hair.

When you need to look more childish and non-conformist you need to choose the French braid. The difference between it and other braids is that the locks nearer to the scalp are being crossed. Even if it may seem infantile this style is constantly coming back in fashion in several forms. For those women who don’t like the hair to fall on their face the braid is perfect as they can make it only by a few strands. You can also style it as a tiara around your head. Braids offer you a wide range of options for a modern look.

Having a strong and healthy hair is the key of any successful hairdo. For that you need to use hair care products, which will allow you to practice several types of braids and twists whenever you like on your own hair.

Braids are totally cool. You don’t have to worry about constantly taking care of them. They are totally manageable. If you heading on the road or going for some adventure sport, braids are the things to do. Not only that, if you planning to take the more formal occasions and all, braided chignons are totally in.

Many of the following styles with French braids are rather simple to do yourself. Thus, don’t discouraged a good chance to change up your regular looks with a little creative and also really inspiring braided options! Read also: 30 Fantastic two french braids hairstyles

How to french braid hairstyles

how to french braid hairstyles

Step by Step French Braid Hairstyles Tutorial:

Step 1: Get a Bit of Hair From Each Side of Your Head

french braids tutorial step 1

Step 2: Cross Right Over Left

french braids tutorial step 2

Step 3: Transfer to Right Hand

french braids tutorial step 2

Step 4: Add Hair From the Left

french braids tutorial step 4

french braid tutorial step 4a

Step 5: Cross Left Strand and Pass to Right Hand

french braids tutorial step 5

Step 6: Add hair to right strand

french braids tutorial step 6

Step 7: And so on

french braids tutorial step 7

Step 8:Braid the end

french braids tutorial step 8

french braid tutorial step 8a

Step 9: Tie It Off

french braids tutorial step 9

Step 10 Finish

 french braids tutorial step 10

How to french braid hairstyles Video Tutorial

Pictures Of French Braid Hairstyles

1. Effortless Side Braid

Effortless Side Braid

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