20 Trendy Low Bun Hairstyles

Low bun updos hairstyles are a wonderful solution for formal occasions as they appear more polished than long, reduce strands. A bun at the nape of your neckline provides you with glamour and also versatility. Now we have come up with 20 different ways to use this trend either you are a marriage guest, a time-crunched college student or even the ultimate beauty bombshell.

Cool Low Bun Hairstyles

Update your bun with uncommon braided details, fun twists or even romantic pin curls, head to messy extremes, throw in a sprinkling of little blossoms, use textures and also volume of your bun even more.

Gallery Pictures Low Bun Hairstyles

1. Double Braid Low Bun

Double Braid Low Bun

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