3 Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Hey guys it’s great so for today’s video. I’m going to be showing you all how I’ve been styling my shorter hair if you don’t already know. I had quite a lot of hair cut off my hair used to be really really long so this is the shortest my hair has been in a really long time. I’m going to show you free really cute and simple hairstyles for medium length hair just the kind of thing that I’ve been liking to do like on an everyday basis. It’s nothing too advanced or anything it’s stuff that you can do even if you do have longer hair as well. They’re really really simple and I’m just going to get straight on with the first hairstyle.


So first of all and just spray in some dry shampoo that underneath off my hair then I’m rubbing it in to give some texture and I’ve got to do something with these baby hairs so to hold everything into place are spraying over it with some hairspray. I’m starting off we’re splitting my hair into two equal sections and pulling them round to each side then taking my curling wand and simply just taking a small chunk of hair from the back and wrapping it around the wand depending on the temperature.

I usually like to hold it for around seven seconds before releasing the hair. so then I’m just going to carry on working my way around to the front. I also like my ëcause to go away from the face on each side. so I make sure to wrap the hair outwards on a curly one I just think that gives a more flattering look and then once that side is complete. I’m just going to repeat exactly the same but on the other side I like to go a little bit crazy with the hairspray just because my hair tends to drop quite quickly and then I’ll just take my teaser brush through the inch just for a more natural feel and sometimes I like to tuck or clip one side of my hair behind my ear and then that is every feet, so I’m good to go

Hairstyle number two is a really simple half-up half-down look so I’m just starting off by brushing up about a quarter of my hair from the top section then once I have that all gather together at the top. I’m taking my clear elastic and I’m going to start by tying it off into a half bond it doesn’t really matter too much on how messy it looks because that’s pretty much the look. I’m going for with this one once it’s secure I like to take rounds and strands from the back and just pull them down to make it look even more effortless and if need be I’ll just add in a few extra curls to finish off the look. Now that my hair is looking a little fucking like this.

I’m going to show you a quick little updo so you’re just going to gather your hair to the top and then wrap the hair tie worked without putting the hair all the way through you want to twist your hands and then grab the hair and tie the bottom off with the remaining strands just take some bobby pins and secure the rest of the hair in place however you like and that is literally it and it’s so simple but it’s just such a handy little technique for an everyday messy bun.

So that’s all my cute and easy hairstyles for medium length hair tutorial for everyday basis. Hope you like it, thanks for watching.