30 Best Hairstyles for Long Faces to Break Up the Length

Each face is unique. Its advantages, proportions and also shape condition the selection of appropriate hairdos. Hairstyles for long faces are not a big issueLiv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Reilly, Hilary Swankfor example, have oblong faces and also always look beautiful. The more you know what type of hairstyles to desire to flatter your physical criteria, you can make your long face look perfectly oval or at least fairly charming and lovely.

Planning to get a haircut? Well, before you head to a salon several factors demand consideration, one of the major being the face shape. Knowing your face shape takes you a step closer to getting a perfect haircut or hairstyle. People with round face often have the problem of finding a perfect hairstyle. They are of the view that not many options are available. You will find there are countless of different hairstyles that go well with a long face.

It is important you choose a hairstyle that adds dimension and depth to it. There are different hairstyles for long faces which are simple and yet chic. Let us get started with the list:

Long Hair with Layers

If you want to give an elongated effect, then considering layers is highly recommended. No matter whether you have curly or straight hair, layering is just perfect. However, ensure the layers are not short and do not end at the chin. Opt for long layers as it helps in producing an oval shape.

Straight Long Hair

Another unusual hairstyle that goes well with a round face is long and sleek look. One of the greatest benefits of this hairstyle is that it frames the face without adding much volume. Long and smooth hair offers an illusion of definition and length. Even a hair specialist will recommend this hairstyle for a round face.

Short Bob Hairstyle

If you want to sport a classic look, then short bob hairstyle it is! When talking about bob haircut, angled bob is just perfect. You can try long and dramatic layers that sweep along the chin. What makes this hairstyle special is that it gives angles and structure. The hard lines of the Bob help in balancing the soft lines of your round face.

Pixie Hairstyle

A professional hair stylist in Mumbai agrees with the face that pixie hairstyle does look good on individuals having a round face. What makes this hairstyle so considered is that it helps in accentuating the cheekbones. To add definition and texture apply pomade. You can opt for pixie hairstyle with long layers that go across your forehead. This makes your face look thinner.

Smooth Curls

If you love short hairstyles, add incredible definition to it by opting curls. They are great and look good on anyone. Go for wild total curly spirals if you have hair that is shoulder length. You can even consider soft curls that make your face look chubby. You are advised to consider total spiral curls if you have hair that goes beyond the shoulder length. Use strong hair spray that will do the work of keeping them from flowing.

Picking the right hairstyle for just a chubby face is usually a matter of knowing what will work for you. Don’t forget that aside from the right hairstyle also you can make use connected with facial exercises to face a chubby experience.

These are some of the amazing and beautiful different hair styles you can try if you have a round face. Get in touch with professional beauty salon services who will suggest a hairstyle that just looks perfect on you!

Unfortunately, there’s a statement that with an incorrect choice of a hairdo a woman that is long in her face may perhaps remind a horse. You have possibly seen those oblong faces, framed with long completely straight tresses, making the dreaded narrowing and also elongating impact. Nicely, with the following 30 hairstyles you may escape it and also not ever have a single doubt regarding either you look charming.

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1. Medium Ash Blonde Haircut

Medium Ash Blonde Haircut


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