30 Best Braids Hairstyles for Black Women in 2017

When it comes to braids, all the world have to step back since the black women hairstyles are talented at style themselves diverse braids. Thanks for their plenty imagination and artistic side, the braids they wear are more unique and eye-catching than another race human. If you ever care about that field, you will know how creative they are and how amazing they look in different braided hairstyles. It is like a magic causing more and more people to follow their step to create more similar hairdos. Having such a great deeply rooted heritage is their fortunate.

Two braids into one black hairstyle

Developing into modern society, braids for black women is not limited to old styles any more. It has evolved into diverse effects, matching up with different hair shape. You can ally it with curly hairstyle, wavy hair cut or the straight hairdo. Which type cause your interest or love is depending on you since human beings are the one who has countless thoughts. You can call this the versatility of the braids for black women style. And that is not only one of its biggest features. Follow me to probe into them.

Usually, braids for black women are hard to get old and out of trend. Since their styles are so changeable and versatile, just make a little change on the braids would bring you unpredictable popularity. Such as you can combine it with up dos which are really hot in the passed summer. Maybe it sounds crazy and having no necessity. But when you did that you will know how special they could be.

It could be simple or sophisticated. Making a bun and weaving a strand of your forehead hair to cover your front head will double your elegancy. Or you could put the braid around your bun. To make this a bit different, you can have a curled bun or leave some curls around your buns. And if you want to be cute, leave some curled traces stretching from the up do part to your cheek sides.

Braids Hairstyles for Black Women Tutorial Video

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According to the current existing types of braids for black women, there are several main ranges. The box braid, kinky twist hairdo, and the cornrows hairstyles. Since the cornrows are the most common, I need to say no more. People need to braid 3 or 4 hair strands in a way that creates the shape of a box. On the contrary, kinky twists are done by weaving two parts of the hair together into tight spirals. These two types can last for weeks if they are maintained properly.

Since I talked about the word “tight.” I have to remind you that you should not tie them too tight. Otherwise, you will cause more hair loss. Here is another tip for you to avoid heavy hair losing. Cover your braids for black women hairstyles with a sort of silky material during your night sleeping which will prevent you from scratching your head and thus ruin your perfectly shaped braids or even causing your hair losing.

If you do some complicated weaves, losing hair can not be avoided since different patterns of the braid need distinctive strength to fix your hair. During your weaving process, there would be a lot of hair be dragging down. But for stylish, chic and head-turning effect, people go ahead for such braided effect one after one. There is no other panacea to stop them to pull their hair down.

The good news as we already know is that now there are so many diverse full lace wigs online and in the salon. Even though you are wholly bare, you could embrace voluminous wavy hairstyle like a star. Thus those braids for black women are relieved from the pressure of losing hair, numerous wigs for black women are waiting for them.

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Black braids hairstyle

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