30 Convenient and Beautiful Medium Bob Hairstyles

Medium bob hairstyles are classy and classic. They may look completely different based on your cut along with the way of styling. Shaggy and sleek, Wavy and straight, symmetrical  and asymmetrical bobs provide you the contemporary look, variety and also comfort you wish from a hairstyle.

Medium bob hairstyles look different depending on the way of styling. It is the most sought after hairstyle. They come in different designs; shaggy and sleek, wavy and straight, asymmetrical and symmetrical. They offer a modern look and convenience. Below is a detailed overview of some of the best classy medium bob hairstyles.

Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

This medium bob hairstyle mainly comprises of beautiful flicks that are skillfully chopped and toned to look cute. Styling your mane will depend on quality haircut on the thick hair.

A-Line Medium bob hairstyle

This hairstyle best suits thin haired girls due to the uneven look. Nonetheless it can also be matched with any texture. The hairstyle has some meddling with the measurements to look so unique. Hair on one side is kept shorter to bring an asymmetrical look.

Shaved Back Bob

It has a surprise undercut. The undercut is ideal for ladies who want to keep their locks in place by either using an easy styling or those who want to thin their hair. The bob is slightly layered to bring a gorgeous look.

Wispy Medium Bob

The hairstyle has V-shaped layers throughout. This design works for both long hair and short hair. It brings more texture into the hairstyle.

Tousled Bob for Thin Hair

This hairstyle is a solution to girls with issues with the flat limp look. The bob has a layered haircut, multi-tone hair color with tousled hairstyle. The roots of the bob are also darkened to bring that gorgeous look many ladies are interested in.

Layered Bob with Highlights

This medium bob is designed in a way that it is angled in the front just to brush below the chin line. The bob is gorgeous and is becoming a very popular style. It perfectly frames the face.

Purple side Part Hairstyle

It is a stacked bob but some adjustments are further made to make the hairstyle more classy and fabulous. Apply a plum red balayage and make a side part. Blow dry lifting it from the roots styling the strands to the other side and backwards. You can choose to use a blow drier and a round brush or a straightener. This will bring out your new color in a most astonishing way.

Tousled Shoulder Length Bob

This gorgeous hairstyle have a side part and combed over layers. The side part help show the texture of the hair and different layers of the bob. The choppy cut has to be made professionally to enhance that sassy look.

Medium Choppy Bob

This medium bob hairstyle features a well-designed texture. Enhance the choppy ends of your hair and tease the front layers on the side of your mane then tuck the other side behind your ear. The tucked side should be loose. It is a simple hair style and doesn’t require a professional.

Mid-Length Bob with Temple Undercut

This hairstyle features closely cut sections. The cut sections can work in any length of hair. The temple undercut should blend well with the layers of the style to give a cool look.

Silver Angled Medium-Length Bob

This medium bob hairstyle best fits girls with straight hair. The bangs paly out the hair’s texture and the angled ends provides a cool finish. The style frames your face perfectly.

Straight Mid-Length Hair with Subtle Layering

It has well placed edges. As the hair is being cut, the layers are blended. This style works whether it is worn pushed back a bit or left straight. You will still have your gorgeous and classy look.

Texture medium Hairstyle

You may decide to mix very dark and light hair colors to produce a gorgeous look. However this needs the work of a pro stylist to make the colors distinct. The layering will look so classy and modern.

White Blonde Shoulder-Length Bob

This medium length style is cut so that the back layers are angled towards the face. To create a nice contrast, a few of the long layers are brushed off the face and bring out the beautiful look.

Dramatic Angled Bob

This medium bob hairstyle may seem dramatic as the name suggests. Hair around the face are longer than the collarbone and then sheared to some inches above the neck to the back of the head. The angles and straight lines bring out a dramatic feel.

Curly Mid-Length Hairdo

This hairstyle works for formal occasions, but can still be more conducive for casual occasions. The curls add some full ness to the mid-length. You can do some mix of colors just to blend in and bring out the sassy look.


Medium bob hairstyles are so versatile. It does not matter whether your hair is thin or thick, straight or curly, there is a medium bob style that could suit you and could bring out the best in you.

Picture Of Medium Bob Hairstyles

You’ll find many messy, natural-looking bobs in our choice, however there are several straight, polished types on our collection, since they are classics. Have a look at our gallery of 30 medium bob hairstyles and also choose the best attractive models to try! More hairstyles ideas visit hairstylesideas101.com


1. Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

Textured Wavy Mid Length Cut

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