30 Cool and Trendy Crochet Braids Hair Styles

Crochet braids emerged sometime in the 90s and since then it has become increasingly popular. But the crochet braid styles of today are remarkably different from those of the 90s, in that they are now made with more naturally looking hair textures. They are now more stylish, and curly and strangely beautiful.

One of the things that may have caused crochet braid styles to become this popular is because they are relatively cheap as they are achieved with braiding hair alone. The most common way of crochet braiding is to braid the hair into cornrows, after which extensions are looped through the rows. This can be used to achieve a wide range of styles and we shall examine some of the most popular ones.

Sided Fringe Braid Style with A Kiss

Tight Coils. This crochet braid style is a very simple, long hair that is great for those who do not like their faces to be hidden. If you have a chiseled face, then this crochet braids hair would be a good choice; as you can show off your facial curves by pulling one side of the hair and placing it behind your ears. This kind of braid is perfect for any occasion and lastly, the coils are just the right size: not too big and not too small.

Faux Wash and Go. This is another amazing crochet braid hair style for those who love the wash and go hairstyles. These crochet hair styles coils have a heart shape and look good on virtually any kind of face. The short length also makes it very easy to manage and is also a very good protective hair style.

Crochet Braids Hair Styles Tutorial Video

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Crochet Ombre. If there is one style of crochet braids that is very glamorous it is the crochet Ombre. This style involves the use of braiding hair of the same color but of different tones. The color is graduated with the tip of the hair being the brightest, while it gets darker and darker toward the center of the head. This style is a good one for anyone who wants all the attention she can get.

Bold Blue Crochet Braids

Senegalese twist Crochet braids. If you are looking for a long term crochet braid hair, then look no further than the Senegalese twist crochet braids. This style can be achieved by twisting extensions around loose hair or by looping pre twisted crochet hair into corn rows. Since this is a long-term protective hair style, the hair should be moisturized before braiding (read also: 40 senegalese twist hairstyles for black women).

Big Wavy Curls. If you love big loose curls consider fretress loose deep for your crochet braids. This smooth, passionate styles is a fashionable classic that fits nearly every event. To obtain an appearance this natural make sure that hair is nicely moisturized and also evenly braided before attaching extensions.

Simple Ponytail. An important style whether you are utilizing crochet braids hair this simple ponytail is a hairstyle savior throughout the long exercises of women which are into gym just like a lot as style.

Unraveled Crochet Havana Mambo TwistIn case you are becoming bored with your twists, it perhaps time for it to release them. This gorgeous style could be easily enhanced with several multicolored strands or even braid jewels.

Layered honey blonde color. Great for brightening up your style in summer season, this crochet hair styles options high difference layered color which is warm honey blonde on the top also jet black underneath. A blonde tis warm fits better with similarly warm skin tones if you have got much cooler notes in your skin texture you may want to choose an ashy blonde on the top.

Purple Crochet Curly Hair. This electric purple color is bright, exciting and best for springtime ans summer time styles. To obtain a toned-down type of this appearance combine the purple with a dark more natural color.

Sleek, Long and Straight Crochet Braids. In case you are into sleek appearance without causing leading heat harm to your hair, consider a crochet straight hairstyles with the next crochet braids. With different the length and also using layers you will find limitless options to flatter any women face shape and also individual style.

Big Bold Curls. For those who do not like tiny curls, the big bold braiding crochet hairstyles is a great a choice. This audacious hair style, with its sexy look is suitable for any work place and easy to manage. It can be made more colorful by adding hints of chestnut brown Ombre. This particular style covers the forehead and makes only the center of the face visible and this definitely would be attractive to those who like to keep those parts hidden.

Kinky Twist Crochet Curly Hair. Fed up with resting for several hours to have your kinky twist? Those crochet kinky twists are not just much faster to attainhowever are quite expensive also bring about no taking that might effect in undesired loss of hair. To have those curly ends start by adding little perm rods to extensions

Long, Sleek and Straight Crochet Braids. No doubt, there may be some who do not wish to have any curls at all and would prefer long and straight crochet braids. This king of braid comes in various lengths, and is great for any kind of face. Apart from their romantic look, they also do not cause much heat damage to your hair.

In conclusion, the styles we have examined are only a few of the many crochet braid hair

styles that are possible. But this is enough to show that with crochet braids, the possibilities are almost endless.

Pictures Of  Crochet Braid Styles

1. Curly Purple Crocheting of Hair Look

Curly Purple Crocheting of Hair Look

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