30 Cute Short Layered Hairstyles

Short layered hairstyles are actually hot in the fashion and beauty marketplace right now! they could be sassy, sultry, sweet or even chic! This short article may provide you with an inside look at 30 various styles of short textured hairstyles which are currently thriving on the trend scene!

Age this days is not an excuse for you not to look more appealing while at work or at home. A good hairdo always brings more of your inner beauty if you choose the right hairdo that is go hand in hand with the shape of your face. This will help you look sharp and trendy in just simple and easy steps.

Cute short layered hairstyle for older women

If you a older woman do not be left behind in terms of having that trendy look that you have been desiring to have. The fashion industry is a fast changing entity that requires constant update so as not to be left behind while you are still rocking in your old fashioned hairstyle. Its time to get a new hairstyle, short hairstyle cut will leave you looking even more prettier than before. They usually come in different styles depending on your taste. Fine hair is always more attractive if kept short and so it becomes easier to maintain.

In case you have white hair you need take advantage of it and change things around because it makes it easier for you to avoid the various bleaching and toning activities when you want to have your hair done. It also lays a background for the softest pastel colors that you can later on create some short feathered layers for a fun style.

You can also have a sassy and stacked hairstyle that often offer more modern and youthful look to you. This type of hairstyle has several advantages in which one of them is getting that voluminous bump for you to put layers on. This can be easily modified to fit your texture and the shape of your face. It also makes it possible for you to do a backdrop.

Short and simple hairstyle. This is a time saving kind of hairstyle for the older women because it saves you the usual routine visit to the salon. It is also cost cutting and hence more economical. It also requires the least effort when it comes to its daily maintenance hence less time taken for the morning preparation. It retains its shape as it grows.

Angled ash blond cut is another trendy hairstyle that you need to try out in case your hair starts turning white due to old age. Curves in your face will be well taken care of if you try out this type of hairstyle. This is because it helps add up some sharpness to the edges. This is also nice hairdo for a pointed chin.

Voluminous classic cut is always fun hairstyle for you try out because it never turns to be boring in the long run. It only starts with a simple cut of your hair and only require a hair-dryer and some hair product for you to always look fresh and up to date with the latest fashion trend. Do not let old age be a source of you looking down upon yourself.


The pixie queen can be styled just by using your hair’s natural waves. When styling this type of hair you need to use CurlyLocks which will help protect the hair from humidity. In styling your hair you need to make it damp and then scrunch it. You then need to dry the hair before applying the product. After that you can just style the hair to a style of your choice in which results to the pixie queen hairdo. This kind of style of is not limited to any age group.

Soft bend kind of hairstyle is also a preferred type of haircut if you have a round face. During the styling process the hair need to have an extra long top and its sides need to be disconnected for a perfect look. Your hair also need to be damp, this can be done by applying a hair product and then use a round brush to blow dry the hair.

Cotton candy also makes a perfect type of hairstyle. It results into you having that sharp look that you need to rock. The haircut should have long top and short sides. The recommended product to be used is construction paste, this helps soften your hair.

Layers on short hair improve texture and volume of your cropped locks, using that additional amount of sass to your hair that looks amazing in any age. Get inspired and also consider ways to diversify your present short hairstyle! Read also: 50 Trendiest Medium Layered Hairstyles

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1. Classy Layered Pixie

Classy Layered Pixie

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