30 Gorgeous Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Long pixie cut hairstyles are a gorgeous option to wear short hair. A lot of celebrities now are sporting this trend, since the perfect pixie look could be elegant, glamorous and sophisticated. Just for you! Take the short pixie cut according to the shape of your face

After the summer and the holidays, we all seek to refresh our hair a little, either to change our look for the autumn, to repair our hair after so much sun and sea, or to try a change in our lives, etc.

Layered long mahogany pixie

For a radical and stylish change we recommend using the long pixie cut. Maybe you’ve been thinking about using this trend for a while, but you’re not sure if that would suit you. While there is this belief that the pixie is only for one type of face, we have discovered that with the cut and the right accessories you can rock this look like Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Lawrence

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Before you decide to use the long pixie cut style, it is important to remember that it is a medium-term commitment. Yes, hair grows but keep in mind that you will spend between 12 and 18 months to wait. To know how if you would see yourself with this cut, we recommend taking a photo with the haircuts collected on a clear wall; Take a black down and go painting the image until you have the desired length. Some other tips that can work for you are:

• Do not do it in an impulsive attack. Ok, you cut with your boy, and you feel the need to make radical changes in your life. How will you feel tomorrow that you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror?

• Make the appointment midweek, so your stylist is not in a hurry. You must do it calmly and without pressure.

• Do not come by saying: I want a pixie or short haircuts. Be more specific with what you want and start cutting slowly. Communication is the key!

Long Pixie Hair Cuts Tutorial Video


Although he has transformed it in different ways, the cut of Jennifer Lawrence is a style that we die for copying. This type of face is characterized by having a super wide front and a much smaller chin, so the bangs should be a must when cutting your hair cuts pixie. Do you want a sharper face? Ask for long layers on the crown to give them volume and thus have much more length in your face.


The long pixie cut purpose is to sharpen your face, so opt for a full cut volume on the crown and long layers, especially at the sides. If you leave long tufts in front of the ears, you will highlight your eyes, and you will subtract attention to your cheeks. For a messy look, apply a little wax on the tips, or, if you want something more classic, brightening serums + an iron will be your best ally.


You are very lucky because your type of face allows any cut; This means that your long pixie cut can be as long as this or have a more radical version and ‘tomboy’ with short sides. If you are more fan of the second, do not forget to use very feminine accessories to make it softer: bandanas, brooches, pink lipstick, etc.


Since you have a very pronounced chin, the most important thing is to squeeze it out with an extra hair on the back. Also, when combing, do not forget to add volume with a little wax to comb and a dryer on the top. Eye: Remember to cut it regularly, so it does not become a mullet.

Even though it now bears on a mini Bob, Michelle Williams’ pixie is one of the best examples to inspire you.

Asymmetrical tousled long pixie


Yes, we all fear that terrible stage in which your hair is neither too long nor too short. To survive post long pixie cut growth we recommend:

• Cut frequently. The must keep it in shape and full of style: transform your pixie into a short bob, then long and voila!

• Decorate your head with accessories such as brooches, headbands, hats or hats.

• The texture is what can make all the difference: how about a wet look at Beyoncé at the Grammys or an ultra classy back flutter?

The worst and classic mistake we make is not to give our hair the minutes it requires every morning; That is, combing it and using the necessary tools and products. While the hairdresser should do most of the work, help from you can make a big difference. The good news is that as your hair will be short, you will not have to use a lot of products so that they will last almost forever. Ask your hairdresser to make a few small lessons the right way to do it!

Pictures Of Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Have a look at the ideas in pictures below to get inspired.

1. Blonde choppy pixie

Blonde choppy pixie

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