30 Great Looks with Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Not each short hairstyles is perfect for a round face, however a few of them below appear so sweet that you just can’t refuse yourself a delight to consider a sassy short haircut for a new look. Pixie is one of widespread short hairstyles for a round faces, even so, shorter variations of bobs aren’t contra indicated also when styled correctly.

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In case your face is round, your short hair need to cover your ears . Usually short hairstyles are set up quite easily with mouse along with a blow dryer. Almost any round face seems thinner when bangs are styled asymmetrically to only one side. You can still rake your fingers using the hair to put vertical lines making it edgier.

As you have seen, many short hairstyles for round faces have elongating A-line shapes. Almost all bobs, pixies and also graded cuts with feathery accomplish feature side swept bangs which handle fullness of the round face. Get this idea as a regular one while styling your short hair for an extremely flattering look.

Many people do search for many years the perfect haircut only to find themselves disappointed from time and time. This is resulted because of the lack of the knowledge concerning the haircut. The most and the basic thing you need to know before you get the haircut is to know what is the shape of your face which can be round, oval, diamond, heart, long or square.

Once you know the shape of your face the haircut can be be very easy to handle. If you have a round face then your face will have almost the same width as the length and you will be able to know the haircuts for round faces.

You will also have fullness at and below your cheekbones. Due to their round face people generally have wide hairlines. They have less-pronounced chins and along with this their necks often seem short. The other things that should be taken under consideration are the length of your hair, the texture and weight of your hair, your age and even your lifestyle requirements.

Here are some haircuts for round faces with different hair lengths

1. Sleek and straight long haircuts

If you have long hair and round face then keeping it sleek and straight is great option. It gives round face good framing and provides only sufficient hair volume that doesn’t affect the cheekbone area. Further, the length and dimension of round face is short or less defined which can be fixed with long sleek and straight hair.

It gives an illusion to eyes as if the hair is having length as well as dimension. This type of long hairstyle looks attractive on fine hair, that is easy to move and it can be useful for creating volume at the crown area, without much effort.

2. Short bob haircuts

Short haircut has many benefits, but applying classic short bob haircuts to any face structure is not a great idea, especially if it is round shaped face. The reason is that classic bob hairstyle accentuates the round face to pronouncedly look rounder like a ball.

It doesn’t mean that classic bob is the only option for short hair round faced women. They can opt for angled bob haircuts as it features layers in the front which hide the roundness of the face. The haircut gives a cute look with layers touching the chin while the back layers make it simple for maintenance.

It gives a structured appearance and the hard lines of the bob haircut gives balance to the lines of round face and reduces its chubbiness.

3. Wavy medium length haircuts

The main objective of haircuts for round faces is to reduce the roundness look of the face, and for that adding waves can be great option. For medium length hair you can make middle parting and scrunch the washed hair to create waves or opt for some curlers. For lustrous waves the blow dry is also a good option. To get great looks the haircut must be 2 to 3 inches below the jaw line without any layers.

It’s considered that hairstyles with rounded shapes aren’t best for round faces. In fact when you add texture to your short bob, specific edges and also occasional tresses ,you may come up with an absolutely amazing look, fairly chic and also matching for your face shape.

Short retro hairstyles furthermore seem charming, let’s say finger waves combed back on the base of a short bob. Get a side parting and also comb wavy bangs to only one side such as the pictures below for a wonderful dramatic look, suitable for many large occasions or theme events.

Cool and Exciting Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

A short hairstyle for a round face requires to have a good height above the forehead and also light wispy side bangs. You may use textures, include small braids in your bangs or even try asymmetry.

Pictures Of Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Round Faces

1. Round Face Fix

Round Face Fix

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