30 Messy, Spiky, Edgy, Shaggy, Choppy Pixie Cuts

If you are in love with Emma Watson’s edgy haircut or Tyra Banks chic new hairstyle or Halle Berry’s stunning short hairdo, then probably you’ve fallen in love with pixie cuts – 2017’s coolest hairstyle trend that has got a revolutionary comeback after Mia Farrow sported the look in 1960.

Touted as one of the most coveted hairstyles sported by leading Hollywood celebs on red carpets, these sleek pixie cuts are here to stay in fashion circuits for longer. Mostly pixie cut hairstyles suit every face cut and gives an amazing makeover that lets you stand out from the crowd.

It started in the Roaring Twenties, as women firstly became liberated, generated an unapologetic comeback throughout the revolutionary 1960s, graced journal covers in the androgynous, rock-dominated 90s and, by almost all accounts, the choppy pixie cut is right here to stay once again. We’re presenting the greatest daring and hip pixies, since we are confident that femininity may be plentifully accomplished with short hair too. rainbow air purifier

How does Pixie Cut hairstyle looks?

The most popular hairstyle of 2017, pixie cut is short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. Their range differs from as short as a half inch in some places to two or three inches long in others. Pixie hair styles are very easy to maintain because of the short hair and is apt for both casual and special occasions.

The reason women often choose pixies over other hairstyles is the fact that it saves the trouble of combing, untangling and generally taking care of long hair. Ideal for bold personality, pixie haircut are often worn by anyone who wishes to try something new & unique from the usual style.

If you love to flaunt your beautiful blue eyes or sharp facial structure, then this hair do is a boon to you as it will not conceal your gorgeous looks anymore. Due to the versatility, pixie haircuts have attained its position in hottest short hairstyle trends of 2017.

Undoubtedly pixies are getting more popular day by day and this edgy, sleek & shaggy hairdo gives a sexy, feminine style. Along with getting a pixie cut, maintaining this haircut is also important to retain its beauty. You have to care your hair properly after a cut. It should be trimmed regularly and any hair around the ears should be cut off.

Should I get a pixie cut?

Before getting yourself a pixie cut, do your homework first as how pixie would look on your face. Basically, look out for two important things before getting a trimmed hairdo & that is: your face cut & hair texture.

· The pixie cuts tend to give gorgeous look to women having thick & wavy hair.

· If you have straight hair with thin strangles, then there are chances that you getting a pixie might result in a visible scalp with hair this short.

· Pixies looks beautiful on women with square, heart-shaped or oval faces

· They also look good on women with round faces but make sure to keep the bangs a little longer and style them in forward or upward direction to create the illusion of length.

How to Style a Pixie Cut?

Once you have sported a pixie, the next question that keeps lingering in your mind would be, “How do I style my pixie cut”? The best thing about sporting the pixie hairstyle is that it can be styled in many different ways like you can keep it natural the way it looks or part it or give it a spike look – all tend to give gorgeous look to your entire personality. When styled well, pixies are surely going to give an edgy, playful, feminine, and cool look that you always desired for.

You can also try out a sleek look or spikes on your pixie with a firm hair gel. Alternatively, you can also use stylish pomade to give it a shiny appearance that will not dry out easily. Avoid using too much pomade as it will give a flat head look and leave you looking greasy.

Not only hair gels and pomade but your pixie will look spectacular when sported with some nice & chic head band or an elegant piece of stylish hair jewelry.

Pros & Cons: Pixie Cuts

Just like all good things have their positive & negatives, the hottest trend of hairstyle, pixies, too have some pros & cons to follow.

Pros: As the hair is short, pixies are easy and fast to wash, dry & style. Your fashion accessories like neckpieces & earrings show off in a much better way because of short hair strangles. Of course, you’ll feel lighter without the extra hair pulling down on your face. And what should be said about the style, you are just ready to grab the eyeballs, with more confidence and bold persona.

Cons: Since all the strangles are trimmed in a specific way, few extra-long strangles can hamper the look of the pixie and hence you need to keep in shape by getting frequent haircuts depending on your hair growth. Some men don’t feel pixies as sexy enough so you might feel a bit low as your boyfriend is not going to like your new hairdo.

One thing is for sure that once you sport a pixie cut, you should get use to of getting compliments from everyone you meet. It’s definitely going to create a buzz among people and all attention will be on you especially your new bold & beautiful hairstyle.

So still thinking of getting pixie cut? Go ahead & get the bolder look with sexy pixies and hear your friends saying, “Wow! I wish I could do it”.


Pixie Cuts For Almost Any Preference

We’ve had a little something for everybody today, from awesome, daring haircuts for anyone with a punk flair at heart, to wise ideas on the most suitable pixie styling for various face shapes. In case you’re searching for a perennially adorable short style that’s moreover easy to maintain, we’ve came up with 30 inspiring pictures all lined up in this article for you.

Pictures of Pixie Cuts Hairstyles

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Pixie Wedge

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