30 Simple Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

For those women whose age is 50 managing their hair become more involved. Short trendy hairstyles are always popular for the busy working ladies who are always on the go. The reason why these 50 age women choose hairstyles that are short and trendy is that it is low maintanance. These hairstyles require little care and few strokes of the comb here and there, and that is it.  Being able to look good without spending too much time or effort is one of the main reasons why these hairstyles will never go obsolete. Short hairstyles are great as they are not only stylish, but they are also easy to maintain. If you are interested in having short hair here are some of the best styles that you should go for.

Cotton Candy

It’s short on the sides, but the top left side is long.  To give you an edgy look, the hairstyle comes with a beautiful color and bumpy texture. To have this style you need to start by applying a styling product to wet your hair. You should then blow-dry the sides of the hair using a styling brush and then add texture to the hair using a styling product.  You should then set the style using a hairspray. While these style is ideal for people with round faces. it looks exquisite on women with hair that is ouf medium texture and density.


You need to avoid tucking your hair behind your ear. This results in having plenty of hair that covers part of your face thus making your face appear narrower. You shouls start by applying a styling product to your wet hair and then blow dry it using large round brush. You should then use a flat iron and smooth the mid-shaft to the ends. To add shine you should apply a serum.

Trendy Short Bob

Being one of the most popular short haircuts in the bob hairstyles, this haircut exists for a long time and a lot of changes and trends are making it more stylish. Some latest styles in this type of hairstyles included graduated bob, inverted bob, long bob and more. If you have straight hair then it is the positive aspect  for bob haircut. Further it looks distinct, if some side bangs and layers are created. Some messy affects can also be added to the hairstyles with waves. The waves can be formed by using a curling iron and round comb. For styling separate some of the waves with the finger to give a messy look.

Extreme Asymmetric bob

This style is characterized by one side that is a lot shorter than the other. The length of one side causes the eye to look up and down thus giving your face an illusion of length. You should start by applying a styling product to your wet hair and then blow dry it using a large round brush. You should then smooth the middle to the ends of the hair then apply a serum in order to add shine.

Graduaded Bob

This is shorter in the back and longer in front. Due to this design, the hair pushes towards your face thus making your round faces appear narrower. The style also causes the hair to push upward giving it volume. You should start by applying a styling product to your wet hair and blow-dry it using a large round brush. You should then smooth the middle of the ends of the hair. To add the texture you should apply a lightweight product.

Short Pixie

There’s no limitation for women to have short hairstyles. So even if their hair wavy and thick by nature, they can opt for it and can enjoy its glamour. This is the easiest of all in the lists. It makes all the hair to stay close, and while doing activities it doesn’t irritate you or interrupt them. The haircuts in this category are considered as sophisticated and they change your complete appearance. Within it is thick or thin hair, the hairstyles can look lovely with side bangs or ponytails and is best suited for long faces as it makes them look small. The hair dressing can be done easily in minutes and by applying hair mousse, it is possible to keep the hair moisture all the time.

Punk Short

This is cool and trendy hairstyle for those who want to make the fashion statement. It looks something odd and too much but it’s easy to maintain. The reduce the masculine feel of this hairstyle, you can make it bit longer or shorter on the back, but keep the bangs longer and pull them to one side. The right length and enough bangs are essential in this hairstyle.

Sexy Soccer Mom

This cut is longer at the front (about chin length) but shorter at the back. For great look you should make it spiky by using gels and hair sprays.


This is a dramatic hairstyle, and you should go for it if you are very confident about yourself, and you don’t mind weird stares. The good side of it is that it gives you an edgier, high fashion look.

Chin Length

From its name, this is a style that is charcterized by hair that doesn’t go beyond your chin. For ideal results you should ensure that you wear your hair in soft, smooth waves. the good side with style is that you can wear it both in the professional and casual environtment. To give your hair give looks you should consider using rollers and curling irons.

Peacock Priss

The safe side with this cut is that its long lasting. To have it you need to mold your hair wet in a slight  circular motion and then set and sit under heated until it gets dry. To make it shiny you should use moisturizing oil.

It is obviously easy to maintain short trendy hairstyles and it also allows you to jazz it up to fit to your unique look for a certain occasion. Short trendy hairstyles show off a lot of the features of the face giving you that sexy sleek stylish look.

Since people are get older, we overview our style in dress and also hair ‘dos that is quite normal, as seeming the same for many years is quite monotonous, outdated and unstylish. Any woman doesn’t quit becoming a woman with grow older. Altering appearance and also experiencing with styles is within her nature. Nevertheless, with many years we are looking for more ease and comfort, and short hair is a great base for low-maintenance hairstyles which appear trendy and aren’t regarded as “old woman’s helmet-like ‘dos”.

Suggestions on Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Do you want to go along with any kind of rules when selecting hairstyles when you are older than fifty? Just partially. Usually to appear stately and also sophisticated, it’s suggested to comb your locks back, opening up your face. Excessively shaggy hairstyles would seem sloppy and uncomfortable. Bangs are okay, they cause you to appear younger, however try and have them neat and also thin or fashioned to one side to ensure your forehead is not totally covered. Think about lighter hair colours, so you will simply take yrs off your face. Many older women appear very flattering with grey hair. In case you are not the lucky one, consider brown to blonde options or maybe highlights.

Apart from that, perhaps you may stick to common suggestions on the choosing of hairstyles, i .e keep in mind your hair texture and face shape. Fine hair appears cuter when cut short and also layered, even while thick coarse tresses feel much better in elongated cuts. They don’t need to be long. Lisa Rinna hairstyles kind of short-to-medium hairstyle is certainly a good idea for thick hair.

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1.Lovely in Lavender

Lovely in Lavender

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