30 Trendy Long Shag Haircuts to Look Stylish

In summer and spring the majority of women prefer simple and natural-looking hairstyles. Long shags Haircuts are the most effective alternatives for you if you wish to look stylish and also sport your long locks loose. Shags are similarly flattering for thick and fine hair. Adding up volume or eliminating too much bulk is a simple task for a great shag haircut.


Hair is the sexiest visible part of the human body. Hairdressers always come up with cool, hips and cutting-edge haircuts for ladies and gentlemen. Not only your clothes, ornaments, but also your hair style also portrays your personality since the right hairstyle tells your best qualities.

Hairstyling is not that easy; there are different hairstyles that suit people in the shape of the face, types and colors of the hair and skull. Hair styles are an important part of the overall personality of the body. One hairstyle that has stood the test of time is a long shag haircut.

Many people prefer a long shag hairstyle than any other hairstyle, and this has proved to be a popular choice among women who do not just choose this hairstyle for appearance and glamor, but also for its low level of maintenance and management convenience.

Slightly contradictory in appearance; long shag haircut is neither mullet nor long-piled. Its subtle complexity is precisely related to his rock’n’roll and revolutionary sensitivity. This unisex style says equality, while a progressive, slovenly look also reflects a shift in political, cultural and social reforms.

The disabled Shag profile offers a radical departure from the limitations of static  geometric shapes of hair. Women, freed from the stylish lifestyle in the 60’s, now opened a new era of fashion for hair.

This haircut has key elements that contribute to the success of the style. It focuses on the main factors: purpose, proportions, balance, structure and performance. This hairstyle simply dramatizes these factors, which leads to a new expression of attitude. This laid the foundation for the hairdressing world to adapt traditional aspects and redefine the sound structure through controlled chaos.

Qualities that make Long Shag Haircut Popular

Add tons of volume to the hair

This hairstyle can add spice to soft and boring straight hair. If you have super thin and lame hair, this can lead to the revitalization of your lifeless hair. This will give the texture of your hair and give your hair body volume. Without a thickening spray or using mousse, this cut will make your crowning glory more dense and full than ever before.

Improves natural shine

This hairstyle also improves the grace and natural brilliance of super fine hair. With only a straight cut, the thin hair seemed chrome and super thin. But with a long shag hairstyle, you can leave without placing mousse or some other product that would create the illusion of thicker hair.

Accent the natural form of the face

In addition to the fact that it adds volume to your hair, long shag haircut also complement and emphasize the natural shape of your face. This hairstyle can reveal the beauty of your face, and can work on different forms; the shape of the face is the heart, round, oval or square; shaggy look will always reveal your features.

Hairdressers like to play with the layers of your hair. They usually use this hairstyle to help hide the strong features that you want to soften – and emphasize and improve facial features to reveal natural beauty, such as cheekbones and eyes. It’s also a great haircut for those who are not sure about the cut that they want. This is the safest hairstyle, and it works for everyone.


It can be a safe style, but it’s definitely not boring. It’s great hair to maintain, and if you want to pull it up much more cool, you can still because the style still has its length. So, you can switch from casual to a class where you want. Long hair hairs have such a sexy attraction, as if you hardly get out of bed. It is  easy to carry and manage without problems.


Long shag haircut perfectly cope with every texture, hair density, easily become part of your lifestyle: with more ordinary attire in the office, with friends on weekends or at night with their buddies.

How best to match and treat long shag haircut

Long shag haircut is popular for the hair of a rock star and needs only a certain product. Let it dry and your style will be executed. Long shag haircuts are especially suitable for those with very thin hair, and are also good for those with thick hair, since this can significantly weaken the weight of your hair. If you have very beautiful hair, then you should try a long shag hairstyle, since it gives the hair some volume.

Color treatment

This hairstyle is particularly striking today, with color treatments such as backlighting, highlighting or dark underlining. But remember that colored hair needs special care and frequent pruning to maintain
health. Special help means using only products that are designed for dyed hair and protection when you are in the sun.


This haircut should be cut every 2-3 months, so that your ends are fresh. Those of you who are considering a long shag haircut should ask for something that matches their age and personality.

How to best style a long shag haircut

After you have soaked and charred your hair, treat the hair styling gel and wipe it with your fingers through your hair to determine your layered appearance with a long hairdo for men. Still using your fingers, shape your mane in any directions that you like, then let the hair dry completely.

If you have fine-textured hair, you might think of applying some bulk mousse through your damp hair. When you dry your hair, comb your hair up to give it extra volume. Take some pomade between your fingers and again run them through your dry hair. This will provide an additional structure for your long shag haircut.


Hairstyle and beauty have recently become a fashion statement. We have seen prices for a good cut or a rapid growth of style, without end. It seems that every time this happens, some of them go out and go out of fashion. As some experts on beauty say – your hair can make you or break you.

Having the right hairstyle that complements your functions not only makes you better, but you also have a new self-confidence that is transparent to others. Fashionable and cool look depends on the right hairstyle.

Below are 30 lovely long shag haircut that you are allowed to see right away for ideas.

1. Long shag haircut for thick hair

Long shag haircut for thick hair

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