35 Top Celebrity with Pixie Cuts

The pixie cuts require women who what to change the conversation on trending hairstyles. They are termed as revolutionary and daring as it makes these women to standout. Women who follow their heart and allow their imaginations to decide what hairstyles they want love pixie cuts. For starters, the classic pixie cut is a hairstyle that is short and worn by women. Normally, it is longer at sides and top while smaller at the back.

The pixie cut started in the 1950s when Audrey Hepburn wore it and the flame continues to burn with celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Miley reigniting its fire. Miley Cyrus used pixie cut to enhance her profile as stylish and successful musicians. She was able to grab the attention of her fans by flaunting long curls. Her tresses attracted the attention of fans as she carved her niche that made her adored by contemporary and edgy fans. On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence slimmed her locks when many movie stars were having silky and long hair. She doesn’t care attitude requires guts to make the risk of cutting off the hair. However, there is no gain without the pain of taking risks.


Sami Gayle's DIY Cut

It is important to note that women look better when having short hairs despite popular belief that long hair looks better and desirable. The short hair enhances the perception of style, youthfulness, and personality. There are many advantages of pixie cuts to women who are daring and embrace change. Firstly, they are easy to wear and does not cost much to maintain. They work well with different hair types such as thin and fine hair that are difficult to handle. The pixie cut offers hair root a lift since hair shaft that has a short structure does not weight down the root. The approach gives the optical illusion of more dimension and body.

Women with greasy and oily hair understand that maintenance cost is expensive and takes the time to prepare. Keeping the hair shiny, healthy, and beautiful is a concern of many women; thus, pixie cut offers a solution to their troubles. It is critical to highlight that long hair needs conditioner, shampoo, and treatment to make it look good. Also, it requires a lot of time to prepare when going to work or playing; thus, the pixie cut is better in reducing cost and enhance time management. They will reduce the primping and styling time by half since it is a wash-and-go.

Keira Knightley's Choppy Ends

The pixie cut hairstyles works best with open-collared tops and jeweled collars with a neckline that is low. In essence, it means that one can easily tailor their clothes with hairstyles to enhance appearance and corresponding tone. The style gives celebrities a revamped and new look as it is a powerful tool that makes life better with little disappointments. It is a positive change to the appearance of an individual that reinforces personality.

As noted, pixie cut enhances personal motivation and self-confidence as it sets an individual emotional baggage. The style matches perfectly with designer glasses that enhances appearance and looks that enhances beautiful characteristics. Don’t waste time, visit the nearest salon and show the best feature and another side of you to the world.

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1. Emma Watson’s Baby Bird Bangs

Emma Watson's Baby Bird Bangs

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