40 Top Taper Fade Haircuts For Men in 2017

Taper fade haircut is generally defined as a hairstyle that has the progressive transition from short to longer hair. There are many different versions of fade haircuts style, however the idea stays the same across almost all the variations. The hairstyles are perfect for informal and formal looks, you can also try different things as much as you wish as long as you have an experienced barber you can rely on. Although tapered fade haircut have been available for a long time, they have got gained popularity recently however you can find some types of fade that appear to be popular than others.

1. Caesar fade

caesar taper fade

This can be amongst the great for African Americans simply because of their skin complexion and also dark hair colour. The sides have short haircuts style and also longer haircuts featured at the top. The top haircuts style have much larger lengths generally swept to the front side rather than the side that many other haircut fade do. The hair faded provides for short borders and also bangs to be combed side-ways.

2. Mohawk haircuts style

The Mohawk remains to be trending you can also stand out in a hair tapers fade Mohawk. With this hair faded, the hair at the top head part is lengthier as compared with that on the back of the head enabling you to raise them in faux hawk style. The length expands from the top to bottom. You can actually style this hair faded in the house using pomade.

3. Afro Haircuts Style

taper fade afro

This can be very ideal for men that have curly or maybe kinky hair so the curls are styled from top with the hair length reducing from the top part running downwards until they vanish. It is usually a very popular fade style specifically for black men.

4. Temple fade

Temple fade 

This model fits any color and also skin tone, however it must be done by an experienced hairdresser or barber. It can be similar to a low hair faded, however the difference comes in since the transition between hair lengths within this style is much more abrupt, clear and also evidently visible.

5. High fade

High Taper Fade with Design

It fades with body at around two inches and even lower from the hair top. It is usually a style that may be rocked by anyone but it appears to work best for men with black hair. It is simple to hold the hair tight utilizing pomade and it too works to keep the hair shiny. Additionally there is the low taper fade which disappears an inches above the natural hairline. For the low taper haircut, it might be a smart idea to use hair gel when styling to get the best results.

6. Bald fade

Bald taper fade

It can be an excellent style for men who are almost bald since it gives a stylish look. It is really much like military buzz but it really is different since it fades from nothing around the sides to the top of the head in which the hair faded is largest. Their appearance works best for bald men since it helps make the baldness less visible.

7. Comb Over Fade

taper fade comb over

The bottom hair is trimmed consistently within this style, while the top hair is still left to grow in length. The bottom hair stays below the top hair level. You can either comb the top in a slick back.

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Tutorial Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

Taper fade hairstyles are extremely stunning, however again, you should have to think about your facial features before selecting the appropriate style.

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1. Black Hair in Fade

Black Hair in Fade

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