40 Best Haircuts For Boys and Men 2017

Gone are the days when boys had shaggy mop heads and bleached porcupine spikes. The latest style and layout has taken a new look with elegant new trends that has stormed the barber shop. It is catastrophic being neatly groomed with the hair being the worst part of the body. Currently, there are a number of hairstyles that boys can fall prey to. They are out of this world and are quite a work of art. Everything is bundled together from classic hair cut to fresh new trending cuts that will place you on the cutting edge of exquisite. Whether you love the medieval way or the adventurous everything is aligned for the best haircuts for boys.

Here are some of the best haircuts for boys trending in town

Classic Taper

classic taper

The hairstyle consists of a low maintained cut with a top notch degree of style. For perfect designing, the sides of the head are shaved a bit short, and the top of the head is left with some hair. The haircut is precise to boys who don’t fuss much with their hair. The short hair on top of the head is easily spiked for texture or can be combed forward with gel or mousse. This stylish haircut is compatible with oval faces, strongcheekbones, and short foreheads.

Long Buzzcut

long buzzcut

The haircut is perfect for people who cannot take the cumbersome activities that come aligned with long hair. The haircut consists of a leveled hair around the head shortened enough to be still called hair. For boys who are involved in any of the strenuous activity such as sports, it is the best option since it requires minimal hassle. To keep the hair looking neat and fresh, applying a smallamount of gel or mousse works efficiently. Most of the people prefer keeping this style natural. Buzz cat works amazingly for people with strong jawlines, shortforeheads, and oval faces.

Modern Boys Hair style Tutorial




The haircut has made an entrance in Hollywood being picked by a number of celebrities. At the top of the head, the hair is left long with both the sides and the back of the head being trimmed short. There are several ways of styling this haircut, but the most commonis running the hair slick backward.

Most of the pictures taken depict it being straight hair but can also work well for curly hair. Though the haircut is popular it has a few demands and needs to be maintained daily by shaving and requires a lot of gel or mousse.

People with strong jaw lines and long faces are viable for this style, and it’s ideal for older lads who want to keep a stunning, classy appearance.

Straight Shag

straight shag haircuts for men

The style is famous with Justin Bieber who has popularized it. Straight Shag is one of the most trending haircuts, especially for boys. Regardless of the type of hair you have, it works well with lowmaintenance, demanding only a brush and some mousse if necessary. In case you don’t have naturally straight hair you can use a flat iron to get the pin straight look. The style typically works best for boys with straight hair, round cheek, long faces and high foreheads.

Wavy shag

Wavy shag for men

Wavy shag is worth recommending to casual teen boys. Though it does not cater to boys with straight hair, it’s excellent for thick- haired boys. Sometimes it’s quite unpredictable how the hair may turn out. You may allow it to go wild, but for styling, you may need to use some gel or mousse.It looks great with boys with thick, circular faces with sharp cheekbones and high foreheads.

The High and Tight

High and Tight for men

It’s one of the many short military hair styles but different from the butch cut. The highand tight cut is a bit longer on the top but shorter on the sides and in the back. The hair style is popular among the African American boys and works best for teen boys who desire a reputable hairstyle.


mohawk for men

For this style to come into reality, you need to have understanding parents to try it out. Mohawk is one of the most famous haircuts trending globally. It is named after the Native American Mohawk tribe who shaved heads and left a strip of hair in the middle to inspire fear in their foes.

Teens with adventurous spirit would love its wild and unique look. Mohawk is definitely the style that cuts through the edge though some parents find it being a bit aggressive and is aligned truancy lads.

Spinky Fridge

Spinky Fridge haircuts for men

Spinky fridge is another popular teen boy haircut. It is the best alternative of the porcupine spikes which was famous in the 90s. Mousse worksperfectly since gel tends to make the hair loose its soft look. Itrequires minimal maintenance; all it needs is a quick run through with mousse every morning. The style works effectively with boys with strong jawlines, shortforeheads, and strong cheekbones.

There are a dozen of hair styles to subscribe to depending individual choice. The number is endless with new forms emerging every day from classic, studios to those which don’t have names. Get a perfect style the fits your countenance for a perfect look.

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Short quiff hairstyles

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