40 Best Hairstyles Ideas for Plus Size Women

In this world, different people have different looks they prefer. For some, it is more about the look that fits you best than the look you prefer most. Different people look different, different colors, different sizes and even different heights. This means that the different people have to deal with their different looks by using the fashion that brings out the best of their bodies. For women, hair is very important.

In addition to that, the different 1000+ hairstyles fit different sized women. If you are a slim sized woman, you will probably look gorgeous in certain hairstyles. In the same way, there is a whole wide range of hairstyles for plus size women. A hairstyle for plus size women will bring out their best features while hiding some of the features you do not want to expose.

The hairstyles can be classifies according to the length of hair, some are short hair styles and some long styles. Under the two major classifications, there are very many options for you to choose from depending on your preference.

Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles will bring out your chubby face and perfectly bring out your beauty. The short hairstyle you choose and prefer will either involve you cutting down a part of your hair or holding or braiding it down to your head. Some of the most common short hairstyles you can choose to suit your chubby face include;

Cute red short pixie

This short hairstyle really brings out the best features of your face including your smile, your cheeks and your eyes while at the same time giving you a professional and superstar look. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle.

Loose Curls

The loose curls short hairstyle works very well for plus size women with short hairstyle. It is very easy to make. You only need to add curls to your hair then let it flow down your face. In addition to bringing out your beautiful smile and eyes, this hairstyle will make you look thinner than you are.


This is a perfect hairstyle for plus size women. It is perfect for women with little time to keep styling their hair and still want to look professional in their hair. It is also very easy to make and will only take a short amount of time to prepare.

Even bob

The even bob hairstyle for plus size women is really good looking. Your short hair can be different sizes of short. It can run down to your cheek or even down to your chin. If you have a chubby and round face, however, it is more recommended that you let it run down to your chin to bring out the best features of your face.

Long hairstyles

You might not want to reduce or cut down your hair to fit a certain hairstyle. Do not worry. There are very many types of hairstyles that can make good use of your long hair and fit your chubby face perfectly. Some of the most common long hairstyles for chubby faces include:

Braided Crown

This is one of the most common hairstyle for plus size women. It does not involve any cutting down of your hair, just a different way of braiding it and holding it so that it doesn’t flow down your face or shoulders. It is most common for women who have thin hair which is large in volume.

Side braided bun

When you choose to use this hairstyle for plus size women, you will have to hold it all at the back of your head. This mostly works for people with very long hair. You have to hold your hair behind your head to form a bun shape which will really bring out your pretty chubby face. It is a very great hairstyle for every chubby woman. read also: stephen curry wallpaper

Womens Undercut and Hairstyle for plus size women

Bold bangs

Not many women can pull off this look. If you can pull it off, however, it will be stunning on your face and you will probably keep it for a long time. It includes bangs on your forehead and another layer of straightened hair flowing down your neck and shoulders.

Lovely layers hairstyle

This is one of the hairstyles that really brings out your beauty. The hair includes big bouncy curls on your face which flow down to your back and the front of your shoulders. Unlike some other hairstyles, this specific hairstyle for plus size women aims at bringing out your whole face and not hiding some parts of it.

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1. Messy bob for overweight women

Messy bob for overweight women

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