40 Fabulous Light Brown Hair with Highlights

The color of the hair can do wonders for the whole look of a person. With its’ help, one can hide his or her flows and enhance all the qualities. On the other hand, if it isn’t chosen wisely it may do a lot of harm, the harm that could end up in a bad look. So, first of all, think very make a statement about who you are. The next thing would be analyzing your skin complexion.

So if you want to be a blond make sure that you are ready to have a lot of fun. It is said that most important women in the history were blond-haired. However, this color is not suitable for everyone, and it is very hard to maintain. For example dark brown or olive, ebony, rose beige or pink, light brown hair porcelain skin colors are the most suitable ones for blond hair shades. Among all the shades of blond, it seems that women prefer honey blond, ash blond, and platinum blond. But if your skin is a pale tone you should choose for example strawberry blond to bring some red in your cheeks.

Light brown hair women are usually very active ones, love to party, but in a stylish way. Because of the wide variety of red tones, it is practically impossible not to choose the right one for your skin type. However, if you can’t handle it, don’t try it. If your skin complexion is in light shades, go with warm reds, and if you have dark skin, cooler and darker red hair colors are perfect for you. Examples of dark hair colors are burgundy hair color and violet hair color. There is also the medium skin tone that goes greatly with medium reds like Auburn.

Light brown balayage hair

Some of the most beautiful Hollywood stars are dark haired. Some stylists say that anyone can try a dark color for their hair. This is because there are so many shades of brown and black that it is impossible not to find one that is suitable for you. The secret stands in choosing a cool tone of brown if you have a cool skin color, and a warm tone of brown if you have a warm skin color. For example, if your skin shade is a warm one, you can choose a light golden reddish brown for your hair.

If you simply love a hair color, but it doesn’t fit you, there is still a solution. You can get tanned, change your foundation cream and adapt your makeup so that it fits your new hair color. But whenever you don’t wear makeup, all your flows might be more obvious than ever. This is because usually the hair color is meant to enhance all the qualities and hide the flows.

Light Brown Hair Tutorial Video

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A great secret is to use only professional hair care products. Dying your hair can have damaging effects that cannot be prevented a hundred percent. This is very significant because even if the color suits you if the quality of the hair is a poor one, you won’t have a perfect look. Read also: 10 Cool Coffee Brown Hair Color Ideas

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1. Long brown hair with blonde highlights

Long brown hair with blonde highlights

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