40 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles Ideas

Bangs play an important role in shaping up your look. Not only does it style your hair in a different way but it also shapes up your face in a way that gives you a whole new look. You don’t need a particular face shape to get side swept bangs. It suits every shape and structure. All you need is to vary the length, thickness and the finishing touch. Side swept bangs are versatile and you can play around with the styles.

Ways to choose the ideal side swept bangs

1. Bangs on a slant
These are especially suited for people with short and medium haircuts. They make your cheekbones appear more sophisticated and elongate your face. Women who have a high forehead can go for this style as it helps to hide their high forehead. Also, this style covers up for cheekbones that tend to stick out.
2. Long bangs swept to one side
These play a versatile role for different haircuts. Women who have short hair will get an unconventional look with these long bangs. It will give them a chic appearance. On the other hand, women with medium haircuts will get a look of added femininity. Teenagers who are not yet looking for the perfect feminine look can opt for this style as it will make them look more feminine and mature. If you have a wavy hair, you don’t need to straighten your hair. The long bangs will give your hair a cute, curvy bent.
3. Side choppy bangs
Side choppy bangs are most suited for messy and wavy hairstyles. They are cut in a disordered manner with jagged edges that add a fun texture to the hair and also increase the hair volume. Short and medium haircuts are perfectly complemented by these choppy bangs.
4. Short side bangs
Women with ideal face and neck contours are perfectly suited for short side bangs. They do not fall over the eyes like some of the other styles. They look best with short uneven haircuts.

Styling and Managing Long Side Swept Bangs

The following is an ideal guide to styling and managing perfect, eye-catching long side swept bangs;
1. At first, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and then apply conditioner. Conditioner will help in proper styling of the hair and will make it healthier.
2. Try not to use drying products like hair dryers, straighteners and irons as they are not good for your hair. It is best if you let your hair dry naturally. And when you hair is about to dry up, apply serum from the roots of the hair to the ends. Using a wide-toothed comb will help to spread out the serum. You may also use your fingers to detangle the hair.
4. Use a hair dryer with diffuser to dry your hair and a rectangular hairbrush to style it. Naturally straight hairs will not take much time to be styled.
5. Women who have curly hair need to use a big, round hairbrush to style their hair. Remember not to use the brush on the bangs; only the other parts. Part your hair either to the left or the right, according to how you desire it to be. Sometimes, you can use a hair straightener for styling your hair but don’t make it a regular routine.
6. After the bangs have been styled and managed, spray some water to help detangle the hair. The rectangular hairbrush should be placed under the bangs and the hair dryer needs to be kept away from them.
7. Once the bangs are styled using the hair brush and hair dryer, put the bangs either to the left or right, keeping in mind what suits you more. Add a little bit of hairspray so that the bangs are set properly and stay in place. Slightly brush your hair one last time to give a light set to the hair. Once you have completed all the steps, you are ready to head out with the amazing long side swept bangs.

Different side swept bangs hairstyles

1. Side swept bangs for thick hair
Shoulder length hair along with side swept bangs is a great combination. It is great for thick hair. You have to part your hair on the side and tease the lengths in a soft manner to achieve a shiny polished style. Put some hair spray to set the hair. This hairstyling is simple and doesn’t require much effort.
2. Pixie cut with side bang
For girls with short hair, this hairstyle will give you a more feminine touch. The short fringe will go all the way from the eyebrows to the cheekbone, giving you an elegant look. You can enhance it with some auburn highlights.
3. Tousled fringe for straight hair
This goes best with straight hair. Get the extra-long bangs finely layered to make them feel light. These extra-long bangs go well with medium and long haircuts. You can pin them up and make braids if you want.
4. Edgy bob with bangs
The textured edges give your hair a trendy look. The bangs are made into a �V’ shape, which helps to prevent bulkiness of the hair as they are styled to the side. The shorter lengths falling above the cheekbone gives special importance to the eyes.
5. Feathered bangs with long ripples
It is versatile and can be altered in many ways to carry different styles. These bangs sweep away from the face and move to the sides. Cutting with elevation causes the longer fringe to flow up and back. Rest of the hair is kept long, adding to the versatility of the style.

Common side bangs to consider

The most common one that is used by many celebrities around the world is the long side swept bangs. This is because they mix flawlessly with the rest of your hair. They are ideal for girls with curly hair as it complements their natural hair texture. Blunt bangs, on the other hand, gives you a more classic and bold look. You can create a retro look by shortening the length a little.


Side bangs look marvelous on people who like to slim down the angles of their faces. These bangs provide a sensual look while maintaining versatility. With the help of a professional hairstylist, all you have to do is decide which sort of styling with bangs suit your face structure the most, what length you exactly require to match your facial appearance and the length of the side bangs.

Picture Of Side Swept Bangs

1. Medium razored haircut with side bangs

Medium razored haircut with side bangs

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