40 Inspiring Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles in 2017

Short bob hair styles or cuts has perhaps been one of the most popular and versatile haircuts that have dominated the women’s fashion scene for ages. The fact that it can look great with any kind of hair whether thick, thin, curly, long and suit every face shape makes it a very popular style. The short bob haircuts or hairstyles are famous for the past decade. Many women have adopted this particular haircut or hairstyle which has caused its popularity. With the passage of time variations of the style have come along. They have added chic and youthness to any female of any age.

Layered bob haircuts are very common. They suit everyone with straight hair only. If you have curly or wavy hair, then they will not look well they are growing out because of the different layers. There are different kinds layered styles such as short, chopper layers to gentle, long layers. Short layers add volume to your hair while long layers add fluidity to it. If you are wondering why the short bob hair styles are so famous, maybe because there are many styling options for bobs’ available.Also, short bobs are easy to style because they require little to no effort. Short bobs started at chin level however with the progression of time people have experimented.

In 2007 a famous hair trend called Razor Cut Bob emerged. Instead of the bob ending at the chin, the longest layer went down to the shoulders. Extreme side parts and zigzag effects are great additions to the look to add boldness and chicness.

More individuals now consider bangs with bobs. These bangs hide their large foreheads and strong facial structures. Bangs vary in length whether short just above the eyebrows and even longer just above the eyes.

Soft wedge bob haircut gives you a youthful look. Since a lot of layering and texturing is used, the hairstyle looks soft and smooth. Even people with thin hairs can go with this hairstyle as it adds volume. It is suitable for almost any face type and structure. If you’re wondering why the short bob hair styles are so famous, maybe because there are many styling options for bobs’ available.

Short Bob Haircuts Tutorial Video

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If you look back in history you will notice that the short bob haircut became very popular in all ages of both men as well as women sporting pageboy hairstyles. The hairstyle has in turn developed into many more styles including classic, regal, modern, chic and many more patterns

Bob haircut may be designed to fit the shape of your face and incorporate all your features. The hairstyle can be groomed, dried and styled within minutes. Bob haircuts are preferred mostly over the others from long to short. Short bob haircuts on medium to short hairs are perfect hairstyle to round shaped face. Angled bob haircuts are appropriate for women with thick hair.

If you ask any hairstylist, they will tell you that a bob cut is one style that suits all types of faces be it round, square or angular. It also suits every type of hair and especially if someone were to have very thin hair, it can be made to look bushy and thick with an appropriate cut.
Yes, bobs are great hairstyles and haircuts to do however, how do we look after this new hair?
We need to keep it looking gorgeous and sleek at all times whether short, long or medium length.

Here are some tips:

Wash regularly because the hair become greasier than longer locks. This is since more styling foams, spray and gels are being applied to the hair. You do not need to wash your hair everyday but washing more frequently is recommend. Also, using a moisturising deep treatment will prevent the hair from drying out.

Using a dry shampoo allows for clean hair without the frequent washing. Also, it adds volume to your hair and is perfect if you are always on the go.

Rinse your hair in cold water to seal the cuticles and maintain the hair’s shine.

Blow-dry your hair less frequently because the heat will dry out the natural moisture and lustre of your hair.

If you want to keep your bob looking sleek, then stay away from heat tools. As well as the sun,due to its UV rays. If you cannot avoid this then we recommend using a heat protectant in order to reduce the damaging effects of the heat on the hair shaft.

Use your fingers instead of the brush since shorter hair doesn’t need to be brushed as often. You can manoeuvre your hair’s shape and style it more.

Bobs cab be a low maintenance style once you apply texturizing spray or mouse. Once applied it should be left to air dry. The mousse will set the style in place and keep the sleekness and shininess in place.

To keep the blunt bob from growing out then trim frequently. Trimming every 3-6 weeks depending on the length and how fast your hair will grow.

If you are tempted to try the short bob hair styles for the first time, take your time to get used to the idea of how you will feel and how you will appear with the new style. You might want to check out pictures of people with a face cut like yours and see how their short bob haircut has been styled and if you like it. Also, you can edit pictures of yourself by cutting of your hair or wearing a wig shaped like a bob. In addition, show your beautician, family or friends a picture and asking for their advice or opinion on the style. These ways will allow your self-confidence to build as you experiment with a new style as well as receiving professional advice.

What a beautician will not tell you and you should know is that after your bob cut, you are stuck with the style for quite a few weeks. And, will not be able to do anything to change the hairstyle or cut if you do not like it. In a few weeks, of course, the hair will grow out of the bob shape and you can choose to go in for a fresh cut or style. Lastly, these haircuts and styles are great when your stylist and yourself are on the same page about the look you are going for.

According to George regardless of our hair colour, length of hair, face shape or age we are all just a bob away from brilliance. Whether you want a short, wavy, or long there is a bobstyle out there for everyone


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