40 Stunning Bob Haircuts for Black Women

When it comes to hair and women, ‘stylish haircuts’ is the mantra. Women of any race, age, ethnicity all want different type of haircuts. There are several different types of haircuts; be it the side swept blunt bangs, the long bob, the long pin up curls, the blunt cut, the long side swept bangs, short choppy haircuts, beach waves, blunt bangs and the bob haircut.

Well, the amazing fact is there are sub style haircuts in each of these categories as well. However, the kind of haircut that one can do also depends on the type of hair that one has. Thick hair can be a real handful and a stylish haircut might just not come out right.


Side parted black bob

Honestly, haircuts are essential to our image and it portrays us in a certain light so it needs to be selected thoughtfully. Haircuts should also be selected on the basis of shape of face. So, the bob haircut is the answer to thick hair. The bob haircut looks good on thick tresses and suit all face shapes. The trick is to select the correct length and finish for the hair.


The classic bob haircuts for black women means a single – length cut. This method adds weight and volume to the hair which reveals its natural beauty and shine. A cautionary note though, bob haircuts make the imperfections and faults of the hair conspicuous, especially split ends. Of late, there have been many different styles and bob haircuts for black women hairstyles available; like short and medium length bobs with bangs look adorable on smooth and shiny hair.

Depending on the style and type of face the bob haircut can be made graphically accurate or it can be softened by some light trimming at the ends. Some latest designs are elongated asymmetrical front bangs, edgy bottom contours and feathered finish.


The prosaic sleek straight bobs usually do the trick but to keep the mundane at bay chaotic waves and curls help you to look different. Let us look at a few different styles to get some ideas before the next trip to the salon:

  • The curly bob: this bob haircuts for black women is best suited for medium length haircuts. They add that feminine look to the short haircut and are eye catching
  • The black bob with caramel highlights: when caramel is contrasted against dark hair the effect is magical. In this type of bob haircuts for black women the highlights bring the asymmetrical cut to the fore
  • The raven bob: any type of bob haircut can look good on the short hair of black women. This marriage between the bob and pixie cut is just right for those who want to let go off the long tresses
  • The asymmetrical edge: for a more edgy look the traditional bob haircut can be made adventurous. In this type of bob haircuts for black women the longer hair is cut at an angle on one side and the hair underneath it trimmed short. The bigger advantage here is the longer hair can be combed over the shorter part for a more sedate look
  • Straight and natural: this bob haircuts for black women is for those who do not want any drama and prefer easy maintenance. These kind of short styles are also low on stress as much time need not go in maintaining them
  • The blonde bob: this bob haircuts for black women is palatable when the blonde color is of light caramel or golden or strawberry blonde. However, for this look a lot of bleaching needs to be done which might not be good for the hair. A sew in might be needed to catty out this look for a while.
  • The vintage look: this chin length cut is one of the classic short bob hairstyle. It is timeless. This is perfect for short hair, especially during the time when one is waiting for the hair to grow. A wave here and a curl there gives it a classy vintage look

bob haircuts for black women


Changing times and environment sometimes require you to change your hairstyle and the decision as to which hairstyle to have can be confusing as well as baffling. There are several aspects that come in to play here; like the face contour, skin tone, type of hair and so on. However, with the information and detailing that is available on the web women can choose the style that suits them best. There are several styles available for bob haircuts for black women and they are spoilt for choice.

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1. Black stacked bob

Black stacked bob

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