60 Best Comb Over Low Fade Hairstyles for Men in 2017

You remember it like it was yesterday don’t you? An innocent trip to the barber’s; one thing on your mind, the new comb over low fade. You could picture the swoons, almost instant celebrity. In fact, you had even practised the eye brow raise, the grin, and had printed out business cards to ease the long line of ladies demanding your number (okay maybe the business cards are an exaggeration, but you get the point). However, 20 minutes later and you had not found the fountain of youth. Neither had you found Narnia, or turned to a god. Instead, you had this haircut that you could not explain away, and neither could you stop the stares, and not in a good way. All you have left is the scars. We are here to help, with a few tips on how to avoid your barber from forcing you into hibernation again, and have you fresh and confident, as should always be the case.


The Comb Over Low Fade: What is it?

We’ll start with the low fade. A fade is the gradual reduction of hair length down the sides and back of the head, with little to no hair left as the extremities of the hair and neck lines are reached. Think of it as tapering. By extension, therefore, a low fade describes the point at which the hair begins to taper off, specifically, it begins to taper off as it gets closer to the hairline at the back and sides of the head. The opposite is true for the high fade, which begins to taper much higher up the sides and back of the head.

A comb over is mostly associated with balding, and is used to cover bald spots in the middle of the head by growing longer strands of hair on the sides of the head, and then combing these strands over the bald spot, thus reducing balding visibility. It works to varying degrees, and is largely dependent on factors such as hair colour (the darker the better), balding severity and height (the shorter, the more evident). However, this comb over should not be mistaken for the one used in the comb over low fade, which is purely a fashion statement and not a reaction to balding.

Comb Over Low Fade Tutorial Video

How to Style the Comb Over Low Fade

The comb over on the low fade is used to direct longer hair on the top of the head to one direction by parting it closer to one side of the head, and then combing it away from the partition. This tends to cause one side of the head to have a denser thicket of hair moving in one direction, and the rest of the hair is combed down the sides of the head, with a slight decrease in hair height with the low fade. This tends to be one of the less risky fades as it allows you to play with different looks, like dipping your toes in the pool to see how it feels to the touch. And the same can be said of your trip to the barber.

You first want to specify to him or her that you want to be conservative with your look, and that you would prefer to visit more frequently and have a few tweaks done to the look with every visit before you settle on a �permanent’ one. You also want to research on your hair type, as thicker, tougher hair looks better with a shorter amount of hair on the top of the head and thinner hair on the sides and back of the head, whilst flowy hair looks better with longer hair at the top and sides of the head. Another thing to note is the shape of your head. A rounder head generally looks better with a low fade comb over whilst a square-shaped head looks better with a higher fade.

It is important to know that whilst younger men have dabbled in the comb over low fade, it is generally used by older gentlemen who have generally began to lose their thicket of hair. It can, however, be slicked back to change the comb over appearance for a change of look. We trust that this has been useful in getting your mojo back!

Pictures Of Comb Over Low Fade hairstyles for Men

1. Comb over fade with a shaved line

comb over fade with a shaved line

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