A Solution to your Four Strand Braid Hairstyles Problem

With the recent advancements in the beauty and hair dressing industry, the four strand braid hairstyle has gained its popularity in the hair dressing industry in the recent past. It is generally referred to as a” cousin “of the three strand braid hairstyle.Many people are conversant with the three strand braid hairstyle and the four strand braid hairstyle may seem so intricate and voluminous for them. However, this is not so because its just a modification of the former three strand braid hairstyle.

The four strand braid hairstyle is all about rhythm, keep the rhythm and avoid frustrations. To make it easier for a great number of people and to eliminate the worry in them I have a set of several steps to follow when doing the four strand braid hairstyle which upon practice one can easily master them.The steps are as outlined below:

A step by step guide to do the four strand braid hairstyle

(1)Start with dry brushed hair and pull hair to one side.
(2)Braid the hair and number the strands 1-4 starting with the farthest away from the face as number one. Ensure that you have mastered the order number of your braid strands to eliminate possibility of confusions.
(3)Start braiding by crossing strand 4 over strand 3 so that the order changes to strand 1,2,4 and 3.
(4)Now again cross strand 4 over strand 2 so that the order again changes to strand 1,4,2 and 3.
(5)Next we work on strand one , whereby we weave strand 1 under 4 and the order again changes to 4,1,2 and 3.
(6) Our next strand to work on is strand one and we repeat all the steps we did with strand 4.We therefore cross strand 1 over 2 such that theorder now changes to 4,2,1 and 3.
(7)Redo all the braiding by crossing strand 1 over 3 and 4 and this changes the sequence to strand 4,2,3 ,1 and 1,2,3 and 4 respectively.
(8)Start incorporating more hair into the sequence and continue with the braid strand crossing as before.
(9)Continue with the same procedure until you have incorporated all the hair and achieved the hairstyle of your choice be it a flat braid, round braid or even a knot braid.
(10)Adjust the braid to see the intricate braiding work. Secure the braid with an elastic band.
(11)Finish by spraying the braid using a braid spray especially one with a herbal essence for a more attractive look. Every lady needs to master t the above steps to improve the look in their hair since a lady’s hair talks more about her beauty and also acts as a centre of attraction . The more decent a hairstyle is, the more attractive it is.
The look will be so attractive and amazing. Wow! so cute..Give it a try.

Lets take braiding to the next level by incorporating the newest trend, the four strand braid hair style, and improve on our looks.For those ladies looking for a hairstyle for a church service, dinner party, or even a wedding party, the four strand braid hairstyle is the solution to your search. Try it and you will not regret your choice.

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