All about the Odell Beckham Jr Haircut and Hair Style

Odell Beckham Jr. (also known as OBJ), is not known just for his accolades in American Football. There is more to him than that. Despite achievements as a talented football player for the New York Giants, a lot of people, mostly his fans, would usually focus on one particular aspect of himself—his hair.

Progressive Changes of Odell Beckham Jr’s Hair

Beckham Jr. has had many hairstyles even since he was in college, and people have shockingly paid attention to the evolution of his fashion on hair which made them envious and challenged to have the same style for them. In fact, dozens of YouTube channels and hundreds of videos online provide proper tutorials on how to achieve different “Odell Beckham Jr Hair” fashion styles. People refer to him as the “style god.” Since the first year of OJD in the National Football League, barbershops throughout America have shown continued interests for the various types of Odell Beckham Jr hair.


odell beckham jr hair

What exactly is the Odell Beckham Jr Haircut?

Generally speaking, the current Odell Beckham haircut is described by fashion artists as a faded frohawk which is deemed to be one of the fit and acceptable styles for people with “color.” If you can imagine it, a frohawk is somehow like a mohawk but with an afro combined together thus putting an innovative, brand hew hair style. This frohawk’s design is fairly wider in the front of the head and relatively and proportionally becomes thinner through the back. The “low fade” in this frohawk puts everything into proper perspective.

The more commonly known Beckham hairstyle usually has orange, blond highlights on the afro part of the hair. However, people who follow this hairdo are suggesting that having those highlights isn’t really necessary, because OBJ has tried having this hairstyle without the highlights on top, and yet still looked great. So with or without highlights, it just shows that you can wear the hairstyle however you want to wear it. Some people have tried having highlights of different colors as well, and it still seems to be a fair look!

Odell Beckham Jr Hair Tutorial Video

The Popular Odell Beckham Jr Hairdo Tends to Look Better with Facial Hair

The odell beckham jr hair style usually works for everyone who can seem to carry out the fashion without feeling uncomfortable or awkward. However, a lot of fashion artists and hair stylists would suggest that this popular Beckham hairdo would look perfectly with facial hair matched with it, giving men the more masculine look amidst the fancies of the frohawk.

Odell Beckham Jr Haircuts

The Hairdo Could Look Just Right on Every Fashion Statement

Furthermore, the reason why this hairstyle got thousands of men interested in is because the style could still fit perfectly in fashion statements of all sorts. Fans who copy this hairdo report that the Odell Beckham Jr. Hairdo would still look good on whether you’re on your casuals, even up to your formals! It’s a hair look that goes with you and your everyday-changing fashion statements. With this hairstyle, you wouldn’t even need to worry about adjusting your outfits from just being active to actually hanging out.

Reviewing the Many Stunning Looks of OBJ

As mentioned earlier, Odell Beckham Jr. started to catch eyes onto his hair even while he was in college at LSU, and people managed to monitor the changes in his hair! Early in his LSU days, he used to have this hairstyle people called as, “The Bowl Cut,” which basically looked like hair tightly cropped together and cut like the shape of a bowl. Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t have his hair colored at the time, and the Bowl Cut seemed to have made him look like a typical, yet nice and sweet gentleman. During the NFL Combine in 2014, Odell changed his hair into having what hair stylists used to call as, “The Burst Fade Faux Hawk,” which looked like the same Bowl Cut he had way back in college, but with higher hair extensions than before. At the same time, the Burst Fade Faux Hawk serves to be a new look because it seemed to be the combination of the Bowl cut and a Mohawk. The hair color of brown burst fades into his natural black hair color from the tips to the roots.

The next changes of Odell Beckham Jr.’s haircut deemed to be his “draft do.” This draft was labeled by many as “The Frosty Tips.” The Frosty Tips was the hairstyle he had when he was chosen as the 12th Overall by the New York Giants back in 2014 during the National Football League Draft. The reason behind his hairdo label is that it somehow looked like The Burst Fade Faux Hawk, but this time with shorter hair and with seemingly “frosty” light chestnut brown highlights on the tips. On the same year in May 2014, a month after being drafted by the New York Giants of the NFL, Beckham made his hair look super tight on the side with the natural, typical mini-mohawk. This paved the way to the all-famous evolution of the hairstyle named after him—The Odell Beckham Jr. Hair (which is also known as �The Odell’).

Odell Beckham Jr Hair Long

How Popular Is This Hairstyle?

The Odell Beckham Jr. Hair had been accounted for as one of the most popular athlete hairstyles around the world. After just two seasons of being in the NFL he has already become so popular with his style—so popular that kids, teenagers and even adult men are seriously patronizing it.

For instance, various professional hairstylists in New York and Philadelphia fields dozens and dozens of inquiries on their salons every day about how to replicate the Odell hairstyle. According to most hairstylists, what makes it hard to replicate is not the haircut itself, but rather the challenge of achieving the perfect hair color without bleeding and avoiding the tendencies of the color affecting the hair texture.

Some people would even describe how consistent he has become with fashion, that there have been only minor changes throughout the evolution of his hairstyle. He has become the face of hair products such as Head & Shoulders because of the confidence he’s had on wearing it. Did you know that the hair product company insured his hair for 1 Million Dollars?

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Pictures Of Odell Beckham Jr Hair

Odell Beckham Jr Hairstyle

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