Having a style that is although simple but nonetheless can be easily changed to offer you different looks that you can choose from is ideal for working women. Zero maintenance is a must for this style, and would not be requiring any straightening or even blow drying, and none of those frequent settings with chemicals that are applied to the hair, such as hair gels and hair sprays.

hairstyles for women

These are the very things that will not only eat your extra time up but is also damaging to your hair in the end. To some degree, it is advisable to keep the length of your hair short. It will make the washing a lot more convenient if you are to compare it to having long hair.

Not just that, having shorter length hair is a major saver, even if you want to use any styling products. To list a few of the short women hairstyles for for working women, there is the Razor, Bob, Jagged layers and some more, but you have to be sure that the cut you have chosen will suit your hair type.

Even if it is suitable for working women to have short haircuts, it can be a bit dull and inadaptable if compared to average length reductions. If you have hair a little longer, you can experiment with your looks and be flexible.

Medium length hair is recognized if the hair ends will reach the shoulder or the collarbone. This is a type of simple hairstyles for women you can just tie up or let it loose. You even have the privilege of changing the parting on either side to have a more diverse and different look.

You also have the option of only using a pin and roll up a section of the hair; this will give you an added look that you can try out. Aside from that, you can wear a headband or a nice butterfly clip for one more look.

There can be a few more hairstyles that I think must and ought to be avoided for the reason that it will make your life a lot more difficult with your work, and will also cause your eyes to strain. Fringes or flicks are a group of hairstyles that are not suitable for the office women, you see, these hairstyles for women are more appropriate for celebrities, and party goers for it is more styled that way. These two types of hairstyles for women will cause a lot of distraction as one they will poke in your eyes, and aside from that, if you often touch your hair it will also distract those who are around you.

Trendy hairstyles for women for Long Hair

Following are some stylish hairstyles for women that you can give a go to try something this year:

Layered Bob: This is one of the most trending hairstyles of the season. If you want to try the short hair look, you can go for a layered bob pattern that adds texture and bounce. This hairstyle is perfect for angular faces. You can add a bit of waviness using a roller or tong to make the hairstyle look even more flawless.

Layered bob

Mid-Length Bob: Recreate the popular Kylie Jenner hairdo by going for a mid-length bob. Straightened out hair with a side part will look perfect when you try this style. You can visit any stylish hair cutting salon to get a quality hair style. It is the perfect way to bring in the New Year.

Mid length Choppy Bob

Retro Bob: This one is for all the stylish divas out there. Avail one of those hair salon services from a professional salon near you for this one. You need to get a bob cut that is longer than usual and then use a curler to curl the ends in a way that they just touch the shoulder. Just about shoulder length is the right way to go about this hair style.

retro bob

OG Pixie: This is for the ones who want to go total rogue in their hair styling game. It is almost like getting a buzz cut but not just yet. Hollywood actress Natalie Portman was seen flaunting this style on the red carpet with great confidence, and did she look amazing! There are different hairstyles for women that you can give a try this year to sport a unique look just like this amazing pixie hairdo.

Natalie Portman Classy Pixie Cuts

Short Waves: You can always try the short waves style that will go with any kind of outfit. With some sea salt spray your hair will look like the hot mess that you want it to appear as. Ombre highlights go perfectly with this funky and stylish hair style.

short waves hairstyles

Hairstyles for Women Tutorial Video


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Amazing Natural hairstyles for women

Straight Natural Hair

straight natural hairstyles

Straight natural hair can be worn short or long. You may also let your hair fall or pulled them up in a bun. Haircuts for straight natural hair may vary as well depending on the shape of the face (that’s another story). Nevertheless, you may do as you please with such type of hair.

Naturally Wavy Hair

naturally wavy hair

Naturally, wavy hair looks best if the volume of hair used is thick. You may do away with brushing, and still, the hair looks good and hot because wavy hair fits the wash and go person best. You can also wear your wavy hair

Cole Natural Hair

coily natural hair

As for the coily natural hair, you can do flat twists from the front until halfway and do bun or box braids when you reach the back. If you choose to braid it, you may choose from a variety of braid hairstyles. Try to come up with women hairstyles that look good with your natural hair twists.

Curly Natural Hair

Curly natural dark purple hair

Curly hair looks cute and may have a lot of hairstyle options to choose from. Aside from the ones mentioned above for coily hair, you may also have it washed with gel, most especially if the diameters of the curls are well in shape and uniform. Remember too that some styles may not look good on curly hair as the curls get bigger and longer.