An In Depth Look At The Trendy Hipster Haircut

For most fashionable guys out there, it is of utmost prudence that you choose a hairstyle that will complement your overall look and also the one that will make a statement about you.Hairstyles have evolved since time immemorial and have always been adopted by a certain category of people in the society as a fashion statement.This article delves deeper into the hipster haircut that has taken the fashion scene by storm in the recent years.

Are you wondering what kind of hairstyle this is?Well, shelve your thoughts for a while since this article has got your needs covered.The Hipster haircut is a type of hairstyle that basically involves an undercut on the sides and the back.However, it is prudent that you do not go overboard on the cutting and styling since it is always important to have a hairstyle that you can pass for both official and casual look.
The hipster haircut is most popular with people who are in their 20s and 30s and want to stay on the positive side of fashion.This is a hairstyle that is well complemented with a beard and at the same time maintaining full hair on top for that all stylish look.Hipster haircut comes in a variety of styles and some of them are discussed below. Read also: Top Conor McGregor Haircut Styles

1. The Man Bun

This is one of the best hipster haircuts that is preferred by many people due to its versatility.It is a hairstyle that gives you a stylish and elegant look while at the same time maintaining your identity.Many fashion experts also advise that you use a little bit of wax if you have thin or straight hair.

2. Long Tousled Hipster Haircut

This is usually one of the most difficult hairstyles to pull off since it requires a great deal of expertise and skill.Most men usually find it difficult to put on this hairstyle since it comes with various requirements such as the use of moisturizers and conditioners.However, if well done, this can prove to be the perfect hairstyle for you.Another thing about this hairstyle is that it can be pulled off comfortably by almost all guys, whether you are a professional or you are a student.It is always advisable to use a shampoo once in every two weeks when you want to avoid greasy or flaky scalp.

Hipster Haircut Tutorial Video


3. The Pompadour Hipster Haircut

If you are an individual who has no issues combining that classic look together with a modern touch, then this is arguably the best hairstyle for you.It is a hairstyle that leaves you with a stylish, elegant and modern look by keeping things relatively simple at the sides while ate the same time adding volume at the top.An undercut pompadour helps to give you a sharper definition.

4. Long and Short Dreads

Though not that popular, hipster dreads are also a great way in which you can use to convey your sense and style of fashion.However, it is of great significance that you condition them using a residue free shampoo and wash then regularly for that great overall effect.You can decide to give a slight undercut fade or keep it short and simple.

5. The Undercut With Fringe

For a unique hairstyle that will make you get noticed by almost everyone, you should try this hairstyle.This is a hairstyle that you can personalize so as to give you that elegant look that you have always desired.This type of hairstyle goes well with men who do not have beards, thus it is of great importance to follow the simple fashion rules if you do not want to have heads turning in the streets whenever you pass.It is a hairstyle that is best suited for people that have curly or straight hair.

6. The Stylishly Dishevelled

It is quite understandable that all men cannot afford to maintain neat hair at all times.Therefore, this is the type of hipster haircut that best works for men who do not have much time to dedicate to their grooming.This variety of hipster haircut will still leave you looking elegant and stylish despite its messy look.It is certainly a walk in the park for the average man since no regular maintenance is required of it.

7. Curly Top and Tight Sides

The versatility that comes with this kind of hipster hairstyle is so amazing because the hair that is left on top can either be brushed backward, forward or tousled and left alone.This hairstyle involves an almost total removal of all the hair at the back and sides.

The Bottom Line

Since fashion is continuously evolving, It will be good if we keep up with the emerging trends, and especially in the category of hairstyles.The hipster haircut is indeed very popular and its wide presence cannot be underestimated in the society.The ability to style it in different forms makes it the perfect choice for trendy and fashionable men in the society.

Pictures Of Hipster Haircut

1. Classic Hipster Haircut

Classic Hipster Haircut

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