Beauty is what everyone always hopes to portray every time they walk in public. Beauty can be judged by looking at many aspects of the body, but the most important are the hairstyle presentation. The hairstyle ideas you decide to use on a certain outfit can either kill or brighten your beauty. Therefore it is important that you try to match your hairstyle with the outfit you put on. There are so many hairstyles out there, and this fact makes it almost impossible to pick the best one for you. If you have difficulties in deciding the best hair style idea for you, then you can consider consulting hair specialists or designers near you. Some of the best hairstyle ideas that can give you a glamorous look include;

1. Evan Rachel Wood’s Twisty pixie

Evan Rachel Wood’s Twisty pixie

This is one of the most popular hairstyle ideas that will put your beauty on point. This is the perfect hairstyle that will enable you to hide the embarrassing growths that appear between snips. Although twists were used back in the 90s, they still hit the top position among the trendiest hairstyles today. The Twisty Pixie can be kept appealing and attractive by applying a texturizing crème in between the strands to enable them to maintain a unique shape. Read also: 35 top celebrity with pixie cuts

2. Emma Watson’s Slicked Down Strands

Emma Watson’s Slicked Down Strands

Well, when you talk about cool hairstyle ideas, then the Emma Watson’s Slicked Down Strands is what should come in your mind. These hairstyle ideas are the best for people who prefer straight hair. It gives one a glamorous look and a superb beautiful appearance. This style is the easiest as it only needs one to pass a flat iron between the strands and then apply a softening gel that will give it a finish.

3. Christine Cavallari’s Tiny braids

Christine Cavallari’s Tiny braids

This is one of the best hairstyle ideas that many celebrities are trying to embrace. You only need to pull out a few face-framing tendrils when coming up with this style. It is the most convenient as it only takes a few minutes to complete. The unfinished appearance makes one look gorgeous.

4. Rooney Mara’s Tight Low Pony

Rooney Mara’s Tight Low Pony

Ponies have been very common of late, but the Rooney Mara’s Tight Low Pony is one with a difference. This style is fit for any person with any length of hair. The Low pony requires you to put together strands of hair into a loose enclosure to give it a wavy appearance. This style always gives one a superb appearance with any form of dressing, whether official, semi-official or casual.

5. Banana buns

Banana bun hairstyle

These hair style ideas are the coolest versions of the common ponytails. This style is very easy to make and can be completed in less than twenty minutes. All you need to do is to roll up your hair, fix some bobby pins into it and let it rest on your neck. It that simple yet very cool.

6. La Perla hairstyle ideas

La Perla hairstyles ideas

This hairstyle sounds awkward, but it really is not. It is one that gives you a sexy look and attractive appearance that many people will live to admire. You need to smoothly blow-dry your hair with a relatively flat curling iron. After the blow dry, fix glittering barrettes on any side of the crown head to give it a glamorous finish.

7. Jennifer Morrison’s Hairline Braids

Jennifer Morrison’s Hairline Braids

This is the easiest style of dressing up a ponytail. The secret of coming up with the best Hairline Braids is to always start with a deep side part. This is to ensure that you have enough hair to work with. To make your look good, secure it with a bobby pin. This style is perfect for all modes of dressing and will not bring a mismatching situation at any instance.

The above hairstyle ideas are the trendiest in the current generation and will give you a glamorous and appealing look everywhere you go. Always ensure that you visit qualified and professional stylists to help you out if you cannot do it on your own. Some of these styles can be combined at a go but others will work well if they are done separately. If you have been looking for the best hairstyle ideas, then the above styles are what you should consider.

If you plan to attend a wedding or any official function, then either of the above hairstyles ideas will be the perfect choice for you.