Best Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas for Round Faces

A round face can be an adorable thing but also annoying because the shape of a round chin and cheeks will make you look more contained even though it is not. Round face is to be tricked, to appear longer, in addition to make-up, the selection of the right hair model will also help to shape the face. You have a face with a round shape and are confused to style your hair to appear to fit the shape of the face? Well, this time have some reference example haircuts for round faces along with tips and explanations.

Long Hairstyles For Round Face

long hairstyles for round faces

For round face, long haircut with side cleavage, fine layered layer or wavy curl hair style split edge is perfect to frame and impart round face shape. In addition, this hairstyle will also add a long impression on the round face.

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Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

short hairstyles for round faces

For those of you who have a round face but want to cut short hair, it is better to avoid the hairstyle with thick and flat bangs, super short hair pixie. Choose short haircuts that are the same length or more than the chin, layer hair and somewhat ‘messy’, preferably using fringed or uneven bony fringe pieces, although pieces without bangs are still ‘safe’.

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Straight and Smooth

straight and smooth hair

Smooth and straight hair is a dream of many women. For women with a round face, you should not increase the volume of hair to the side. You should give the impression that the hair is really straight. Way, use essential oil and hair comb neatly to be more shiny and shiny.

Mussed Up

mussed up hairstyles

This hairstyle does look messy. However it is perfect for your round face. With this hair model, the hair volume will increase, but it can also create illusions for the face. Curly hair on the front then comb the back of the remaining hairs. Then twist the hair up to the back of your head. The next step, pull a few strands of hair to get out around the hairline.

Side Swept Bangs

Black shag with Side Swept bangs

This is a hair model for round faces that is very easy to try. The shape of a side bangs that can give angles and shape the face frame. According to Monique Mitchell, who is a famous hair stylist from New York City, America. To have the side bangs like Emma Stone artist requires vertical drying and requires a medium round brush. You can use these tips when going to the salon, and tell your hair stylist.

Flowing Waves

flowing waves hairstyles

This haircut is used by Amy Adams, Hollywood artist with long curly hair. This hairstyle makes her neck look longer. So for the owner of a round face will make his face look balanced.

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