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If it is about fashion in America one can never miss out on what Kim Kardashian is up to. Her fashion sense right from shoes to hairstyling is always on the trend and thousands of young aspirants follow her as style icon.

She is never monotonous in hairstyles and always has something new to show on the red carpet, shooting sets and shows. In fact Kim does not go low on her style even while exiting the gym. From blond streaks to globally blond from red head to dark black she has been experimenting all through. Recently, at Met Gala �17 she showed up in a white long number with hair combed sleek having a well-defined middle parting that accentuated her features on face. To know her style we must follow her through different events and if you have failed to do so we shortlisted some of the best Kim Kardashian Hairstyles that would add a little drama to your fashion this summer. She herself had posted fifteen best hairstyles of her for fans. The fans can always pick one from there or the ones that we mention here.

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Kim Kardashian Hairstyles at Different Events

One of the best Kim Kardashian Hairstyles was the pinned barrel up curls that she had worn in the year 2009 at one of her photo-shoots. The hairstyle had something that of Marilyn Munroe hint and Kim pulled it off really well with her cheek bones accentuated in pink.

It is not quite often that she goes with a blonde look as she mostly sticks to shades of black and brown. Yet, she wasn’t all platinum gold in for the shoot that she did for Elle. She said that getting that hairstyle was tedious as it involved many sittings though she loved the final result. Another time that she went all blond was the Teen Choice Awards in the year 2009. It is one of her best looks in blonde and fans loved the long mane that she donned with a white dress.

Talking about Kim Kardashian Hairstyles one has to talk of her off shoot look.When she is not working she has a tidy top knot which makes her face devoid of any hair strands and gives her a comfortable look. She carries this hairstyle to gym or to garb a can of tea out in the streets.

Recently she also got a long bob cut that made her hair look healthy smooth and super lustrous as well as manageable. Apart from that one can never forget her look from the Vogue Festival in 2016 where she donned a short but properly blow-dried wavy look that made her nude-shade dress prettier. Her hairstyles keep changing from time to time and she manages to make heads turns with whatever she has sported till now. One of such Kim Kardashian Hairstyles was the super long lustrous sleek hair. It made her hair very glossy that made it go well with her skin complexion.

In 2016 at the Webby Awards she had gone for shoulder length. She tried to keep the makeup nude and eyes devoid of any extended eye lashes. The hair was simply blow-dried without having the remnants of an intense chemical exposure. It looked healthy and easy to carry and easy to maintain. With the hairstylist Cesar Ramirez she also went ombre combination of black and sift honey brown. The color was warm and soft that again had lent a healthy look.

Trendy Braids- Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles are not only limited to the styles on the real hair but also the way graceful way she carries the wig. She once uploaded a photo in honey brown long wavy hair that everyone though was real but she later said that it was just a wig. In yet another look, she had used a sleek long ice blonde wig for the year 2016 in the month of February. Going through the different Kim Kardashian Hairstyles that has sported till now one cannot overlook the ways she flaunts trendy braids. She once had gone for multiple braids and once for long braids thick braids as her sister Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous fashion icons not just in USA but the entire world. Fashion critics wait for her to shown up on the red carpet. Hence, for people wanting to stay glamorously ahead must catch up with this beauty.

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 Vintage Brownie

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