Best Short Hair Colors to Try in 2017

Any haircut with little length demands good maintenance for a good look. Short hair may be slightly above the ears or just below the chin. The hair reaching the chin however may not be regarded as short but this mainly applies to men as with women it’s a different case where the shortness of the hair is considered from the close-cropped to just reaching above the woman shoulders since most women as known to keep extremely long hair. Short hair is very easy to maintain and care for than long hair and no wonder many people will prefer keeping short hair.

Short hair for women became much fashionable since the 20’s with different unique and good styles including, the shingle bob, and a cut that was tapered short in the black among so many other cuts.To keep it beautiful and decent as well as matching your environment and clothing, many people go for the hair coloring where the short hair which involves the pigmentation of the human hair follicles which becomes very possible due to the two type melanin that include the eumelanin and the pheomelanin which contribute greatly to the color of a humans hair.

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The Top Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

The Rainbow Hair Color

The Rainbow Hair Color


This is among the hair color ideas for short hair that will make you stand out from the crowd as well as make you grab the attention of everyone in your sight, something that every woman wishes to achieve. To achieve a brilliant rainbow hair color, you simply need to access an experience hair model who has quite good experience in hair bleaching and bleaching only their roots. You then lay out your rainbow hair color and apply the color in a rainbow-like fashion and leave it for at least 30 minutes after which you rinse out the excess product by simply rinsing it using cold water.

Rinsing the excess product really helps a lot to avoid color bleeding that may spoil your beautiful look that was almost to be. With the end of this process you hair is now rainbow color and you can comfortably reveal it to the entire world.

Ombre Short Hair Color


Ombre Short Hair Color

Ombre which has become a very popular feature for the nail art as well as in baking, home decorating and also in graphic design does very well when applied to short hair color. It’s a technique that was popularized in the 2000 after a celebrity artist Aaliyah dyed her hair in a subtle and gradual fade starting with a black color at the roots and moving forth to s lighter color towards the hair tips. The style has with time grown from dark to a lighter color of the hair to today’s fading of a natural hair from the hair roots to the more unnatural hair towards the tips which include turquoise or unnatural looks such as lavender.

Celebrity artists currently are adopting this hair color tech such including, the popularly known Jay’s wife Beyoncé, the famous singer Nicole Kidman, Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung among other famous TV and social, media celebs. This has thus boosted Ombre to be among the hair color ideas for short hair.

Blonde Pixie

blonde pixie hair


This hair color is a unique color that is always eye-catching and very feminine and more so it looks very perfect when used in the pixie cuts. The pixie cut is usually short on the back sides of the head and it is usually slightly longer on its top. The pixie style is very easy to maintain and can be won very naturally and casually or they can be dressed up when attending a special occasion. Having a blonde pixie color give you an attractive and unique look with its beautiful interplay of colors.

Its great jagged bangs ad the side –parted hair with the razor trimmed bangs look really awesome and they are amazing the short hair. Some people choose dark brown color with the hues of red amplify the appealing look of this style. Blonde pixie falls on the top hair color ideas for short hair with most popular celebrity artist Robyn Rihanna Fenty popularly known as Rihanna has her hair blonde pixie.

Short Red Curly hair


Short Red Curly hair

Some people suppose that short hair styles are not so stylish and are boring but this isn’t the case with the coo red curly hair. The short hair lovers have quite a great look with the red colored hair. To some curly hair occurs naturally and with short hair you can as well visit your hair dresser and request for curling that looks as good as natural. Adding a red color shade makes your hair very unique and gives you a sight to before an experience that is a desire to most women.

Copper Brown Hair Color

Copper Brown Hair Color


This is a hair color idea that is a rich, warm and has a burnished brunette shade. In wearing this color you gain confidence with what you are having and especially if your skin is either fair or if it is medium and whether it is pink, peach or it is just natural. Despite brown being just an ordinary word, it will surely do a lot of justice to the incredible and beautiful range of the brunette color shades. This great type of hair color ideas for short hair makes the blue and green eyes to come out strong and conspicuous and to add on it its very good and perfect for those people with natural warm or those that have neutral brown hair.

Why Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Rinsing method for hair coloring provides you with a temporal hair color that can be applied to your hair and removed the next time you wash it.This is so easy and efficient as it can easily help you to keep in line to the activity of the day and you can thus be in a position to match your days’ wears with your hair making you more elegant and outstanding. For people that maintain short haircuts, short hair colors especially those discussed in this article will provide a good way to keep elegant and matching the moment.

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