Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles

Every celebrity will have once worn a hair style that we have been inspired to try. It may have seemed difficult to do however it is simple. Here are some simple hairstyles inspired by celebrities. They are simple effortless styles that anyone can learn to do.

Sparkle Hair Bun

Sparkle Hair Bun

This style was inspired my Emma Watson with her Hair Gems. In order to do this style, you would need to put your hair into a ballerina bun. It can be a sleek ballerina bun or a messy bun. Also, you can leave out some of your hair strands around the perimeter of your hair to add some flair. Lastly, you place hair gems on the hair around the bun. Or, to one particular side for an edgy look. This style can be worn to any casual event where you want an extravagant but simple look.

Sparkle Bun Hair Tutorial

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