How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs at Home

In this video you will learn how to cut side swept bangs and trim your own bangs save money time gas or bus tickets from visiting the salon. Never have to deal with bangs being too long or annoying and probably want to favor this video so it will be easier for you to find it later on. Before you start I suggest you blow-dry and straighten your hair prior to cutting so you’ll know exactly where your bangs fall I’ll explain why later in the video.


How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs at Home

Calm your crown area back as so can push back the rest of your hair into a ponytail so it’s out of the way for now. now comb at your bangs in front of your face and with a pintail comb on the highest tip of your eyebrows line it up and evenly part your bangs.

This is where your bags should start now repeat to the other side it doesn’t have to line up perfectly this is just to help guide where your bangs should start and end. Now grab your hair in front and line the top part so it’s straight and even as well. Now tie into a higher ponytail so the hair is we just sectioned off and fall back down the width should only be one to two inches you could make your bangs thicker though it all really depends on your style comb your bangs again and then grab it and then flip it over and with your other hand keep it in place.

Video Tutorial How to cut side swept bangs at Home

The reason why I twisted it is because I am right-handed and I want my bangs to fall starting from the left side of my face twisting it allows my right hand to comfortably cut downwards rather than having to swing my arm all the way across and cut at a weird angle. That has made me mess up before so twisting it solves everything.  again grab twist and hold comb the bottom section out and now we’re going to be cutting diagonally downwards, with professional hair scissors start cutting gradually only half an inch off any downward motion to the ground

cutting your own hair can sometimes be nerve-racking this is why you want to only cut off a little at a time repeats again trimming very little at a time will save you the nightmare of cutting your bangs too short. you also want to open and close the scissors constantly as I’m doing instead of one last big cut. across little cuts are better remember that. now let it go and comb it out evenly then divide in half and with the shorter section start cutting upwards gradually down to create texture so that your bangs won’t look too freshly cut and will have some edge to it. next grab and comb all your bangs together and repeat only to the ends cutting upwards. take your time and be patient at it and I promise you won’t mess up.

Your bangs should look like this after cutting mine are still a bit long but this is the perfect length for styling now with my kqc iron that I purchased about two years ago and has never let me down I’ll link it below in case you wanted something reliable and good too just in case. I’m bumping up my bangs then curving them in then spraying them in place with white sands which you guys already know is my all-time favorite hair spray and there you have it.

Now the reason why you don’t want to cut your bangs while wet is because wet hair is longer and when you dry them they will shrink up and you’re left off with a cut that’s way too short,  so cutting them dry is your best bet.  So come check out how I blow dry and straighten my hair for more tips and advice click these videos now if you’d like.

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