Top Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Katie Holmes’s appearance is fresher with her short bob hair. There are certain tips and tricks to mimic this ex Cruise mistress’s hairstyle.

According to Richard Ward hair stylist, the owner of a thick texture of hair can imitate Katie style. But for the thin-haired, should look for tricks to make hair look more volume.

katie holmes hairstyles

This haircut is very fitting for the owner of the oval face shape, length, triangle, also heart-shaped face. The model of Katie’s laid-up bob will also look sweet to the owner of the facial jaw, nose and tiny ears.

Ward rate, Katie Holmes successfully established himself as one of the celebrities with the best hairdo. The oval face mixed with the heart, very fitting with Katie’s haircut.

If at first her hair looks normal, now Katie appear more neat and beautiful. Moreover, dark hair color with little highlights. Make the Princess Suri Cruise’s hair healthier.

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle

To beautify the appearance, the former series ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is not necessary. Simply tuck the hair behind the ear. Or combed neatly back and using styling mousse.

However, this hairstyle should be avoided for owners of round or wide face shapes. Instead, longer haircuts with more layers would be a better choice.

katie holmes hairstyles 2017

For those who have a wide jaw shape, it is recommended not to imitate Katie’s hairstyle. The reason, attention will be on the part of the forehead that looks wider. Also cheekbones are lower.

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