Popular Short Haircuts for Women All the Time

Want to go change your look? Changes are great, and they give you this whole brand new persona. It is very important though that you choose the appropriate short haircut that would suit your shape of face and size because once you give way to the chop, there is no going back. Not for a long time. Having the perfect haircut can provide you enormous joyous emotions and give you that extra boost of confidence. Find out the style that is so right for your physical appearance and a great representation of your personality and character for this list of short haircuts for women.

Asymmetric haircut

Short asymmetric haircut

This is a style of haircut where the hair is longer on one side than the other. It was very popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s but is still very much in fashion today. The back and one side of this hairstyle are tapered into the head, and then the hair on the other side is left long. It is most suitable for diamond, oblong, heart and diamond-shaped faces and tends to bring attention to the eyes. The hairdo is suitable for any occasion and is quite easy to maintain. Trimmings can be done every five to six weeks.

Short Pixie haircut

Pixie or short Bob Haircut

A pixie cut is a short wispy like hairdo with or without bangs. It is a very convenient cut for ladies on the go and very appropriate for any kind of hair. For light hair, the right pixie cut can add dimension to the hair making it appear thicker. There are different varieties to indulge in, depending on the shape of your face, your hair texture, and your body weight. But in general, having a pixie haircut is a great way to sharpen and brighten your looks. It most especially gives a flattering appearance to women with very delicate features and large eyes. Special care has to be given to women with curly hair and with the right tricks and touch, it can work for them too.

Bob haircut

Bob haircut for thick hair

A bob haircut is a classic short hair do that is cut above the shoulders (jaw-level) in a very blunt cut, with no layers, with the bangs left at the front. It has been loved by tons of celebrities over the years. It is a great solution for people with thin locks. It is low maintenance and very decent for any occasion. It can be added with some other simple hair styling techniques and products. It is chic and easy to style.

Feather short haircut for women

Feather short haircut for women

This is a short haircut that got very popular with skinhead women in the UK in the 70’s. With this hairdo, a major part of the hair is cropped off very short or shaved with the fringes allowed to grow long. It is most attractive on people with long faces but is generally nice for all face shapes. It suits a majority of hair types but is not so great for wavy hairs, because they’d need crisp hair to stand out and to show some volume and layers. It would look a bit funky on them, a greater option would be the step cut. A feather cut gives a very trendy and edgy look.

Faux Mohawk

faux mohawk women

Faux hawk is one ever trendy haircuts that have been around for a long time. Its name is derived from warriors of the Native Americans and has been worn for a long time by ancient warriors till the rock stars of today. The hairstyle is characterized by both sides of the head being shaved off, leaving only a slim strip of longer hair down the middle. It is a really cool and stylish short haircut that gives a tinge of edginess and confidence to you. It has been said to be one of the most voguish hairstyles that one can possibly ever wear. Most women prefer to spice things up a little bit by adding colors like pink, green, purple and other brighter shades to it. It suits all hair textures and gives anyone one a seriously stylish look. But is is most excellent with people with straight and fine hair. Those with curly hair would look better with the curly fauxhawk.

Short Pageboy haircut

Short brown pageboy haircut

This is typically a longer version of a bob, with fringes that are nearly shoulder length or a bit longer. It is characterized by straight hair hanging down to below the ear and it is turned under. This hairstyle was named after what most people believed was the haircut of an English page boy. The traditional version of the haircut is worn long to reach the shoulders and rolled out at the ends. A short page boy haircut is very easy to maintain and is most suitable for straight hairs. The looks fit almost all body and face types and give a general chic and trendy appearance.

Undercut short

Undercut short

This chic looking haircut does not ever go out of fashion. It is characterized by a top section of the hair being held in place while the side and back sections are being cut off. This leaves the top longer and the back and sides, undercut.it is currently considered the trendiest women hairdo in 2017. It is also very popular for men, but women keep up with the trends too. It can be used on medium and short hair. It accents the face and draws attention to the eyes. It suits all shapes of faces and body weight.

Bowl cut

Agyness Deyn's Quasi Bowl Cut

It is a simple short hairstyle where the hair is cut with a straight fringe on the front, back and all sides of the hair with the same length all the way round. Its very classy look and has been around for a long time. Once for goofy teenage boys, the bowl cut now gives a very classy appearance to women and is a far cry from what it used to be. It has a much edgier look and has been worn by most big celebrities.

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