Six Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A New Style For Your Hair

The way that you wear your hair can not only affect your appearance – it can also affect your self-confidence. Changing your hairstyle could be just the thing you need to feel your best. Whether you want to make a minor change or are looking for something more dramatic, ask yourself these six questions to find the perfect style for your needs:

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1.What type of lifestyle do you lead?

Your hairstyle not only needs to be attractive – it also needs to be practical. If you spend all day working outdoors in the weather, a fussy style that is hard to maintain probably isn’t a good choice. On the other hand, if you work in a professional environment, a casual style may not be a good fit for your profession. Do you need to pull your hair back frequently? How casual or sophisticated is your wardrobe? By thinking about your lifestyle, you can choose a hairstyle that not only looks nice but that is also extremely practical for the way you live your life.

2. How much time do you have to style your hair?

Some people find the practice of styling their hair fun and relaxing. Others would prefer to just be able to jump out of the shower and go. Think about your personal preferences. If you don’t currently spend a lot of time doing your hair, it may be hard for you to change if you get a more labor-intensive hairstyle. On the other hand, if you really enjoy doing your hair, you may want to look for a cut that can be styled in a number of different ways so that you can experiment with different looks.

3. What colors look best with your skin?

According to Propaganda Hair Group your skin tone is one of the most important considerations when choosing a hair color. No matter how dark or light the hair color is, the basic undertone needs to complement your skin. Otherwise, the hair color will never look quite right. When you choose a hair color that complements your skin tone, both your skin and your hair will look more beautiful.

4. What is the shape of your face?

A hairstyle that looks great on someone else may not work quite as well on you, depending on the shape of your face. For instance, round faces, square faces, oval faces, and heart-shaped faces all look their best with different hairstyles. Begin by identifying the shape of your face. Then, search for hairstyles that will complement your bone structure to help you look your best.

5. What type of hair do you have?

The thickness and texture of your hair are both important considerations since they can affect how a particular cut will look on you. Try to choose a style that works well with your hair’s natural texture. For instance, if you have curly hair, choose a cut that is designed to showcase your curls rather than opting for a style that looks best straight. Otherwise, it will be an uphill battle for you to style your hair each day.

6. How easy is the hairstyle to maintain?

Dramatic hairstyles usually require far more upkeep and maintenance than casual styles. Think about how often you will have to go back to the salon for maintenance. Choosing a low-maintenance hairstyle can help extend the amount of time that you can go between having your hair cut or colored. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

As long as you consider all six of these factors, you should be able to find the perfect hairstyle for your lifestyle, face shape, and personality. Using the answers to these questions, start putting together a folder of images that you can take to your stylist to show them some of your favorite haircuts. That way, they will be able to get a much better idea of the overall look that you are going for.

Whether you just want to freshen up your current look or are looking for a new style altogether, consider making an appointment at Rodney Wayne. Our highly skilled stylists can help you come up with a hairstyle that you will love, regardless of the current length, color, or condition of your hair. We are excited to help you find your next style.