The Most Popular Mens Haircuts of 2017

Bored of having the same old hair style and searching for inspiration? Don’t know your quiffs from your pompadours? Just want to stare at some hunky men with some awesome lids? Are you a child of the future who is here to laugh at what your parents used to find fashionable? You’re in the right place. This is your guide to the most popular mens haircuts of 2017. We’ll start with some jargon-busting:

Modern – You may have noticed that a number of hairstyles have the word modern in them (such as �modern quiff’). Modern refers to the fact that most current styles feature hair that is short on the back and sides and long on the top.

Tapering – This is when you reduce the hair length going from longer (at the top of the head) to shorter (at the back and sides). The tapering effect ends at the natural hair line. 

Fading – This is essentially the same as tapering, but with a more dramatic effect. The fading effect begins above the natural hair line and is cut much shorter.

Hard-part – A line shaved along the scalp to indicate the side parting.


1) Man Buns/ Top Knots

man buns hairstyles


Once you master the technique, tying your hair into a bun is very quick and easy – great for whenever you sleep in late. It’s also versatile as you can tie it up for formal occasions, use the loose hair for braiding or cut the sides short. Whilst the haters are always going to hate, you will earn some serious levels of respect – it stands out, looks slick and takes time and dedication.


Girlfriends are not a fan of topknots because you normally end up stealing all of their accessories: shampoo, conditioner, bobby pins and hair ties are all needed to keep the man bun looking glorious. Long hair gets easily damaged so make sure you’re applying conditioner to those ends. Those who are jealous may question the masculinity of this hairstyle so prepare your witty come backs in advance.

2) Side-swept crew cut

Side swept crew cut


With tapered back and sides and a trimmed, short top, the crew cut is almost the opposite of the top knot. It’s a low-maintenance hair style that works for guys with straight & curly hair as well as all face shapes. With good quality gel or clay, you should only need to style it once in the morning and it still looks good if it gets a little messy.


Your more flamboyant friends may question your lack of ambition as this is by far the safest, most common hair style of 2017. Those with thick, fast-growing hair may also struggle keep those tapered sides and gentle side-sweeps looking smart for too long.

3) Side parting

side parting


The side parting is an old school haircut that’s made a strong comeback. There are a number of varieties of the side part: there’s the classic, full side parting which gives a more dapper look for formal occasions. Or there’s the increasingly popular modern twist where a side-part is combined with a fade or taper. �Hard-parts’ are becoming increasingly popular with a line shaved to give a striking affect.


A side parting can require a lot of holding product (gel or clay) as well as some precise combing and blow-drying. It can take time to style and maintain, especially as your hair gets longer. Make sure you’ve got that comb on you when you’re out and about.

4) Textured comb over

textured comb over


The comb-over is an absolute classic for guys with straighter hair or guys with thinning hair looking to add some volume. Done well it works at formal occasions but can also produce a messy, casual effect and can be combined with tapers/ fades.


Product is definitely needed to keep it looking slick with most stylists recommending a fair dose of hair spray. There is a critical hair length required to make this work and you also need to make sure you don’t end up looking like any of these guys.

5) Pompadour (also known as a �pomp’)

Formal Pompadour Hairstyle


The pomp gives a shiny finish due to its use of oil-based, pomade products. It works well with wavy and straight hair. The final look is classy, sophisticated and striking which is why you often see celebrities use it at award ceremonies, film premiers or cocktails parties. Because pomade products are wet they are easy to apply and won’t cause damage to your hair.


Rocking a pomp takes time and effort to get right. There’s also a very short window of hair length to work with (around 4.5 – 6 inches). If your hair is too short it will stick forward and refuse to comb back. If your hair is too long it will droop either to the side or forward. The oil-based product required can cause skin irritation in some rare cases.

6) Modern Quiff

modern quiff


Unlike the pompadour, this gives a matted, more textured finish. The overall affect is that it’s messier and less precise, better for more casual occasions. The quiff is much easier and quicker to assemble than the pompadour.


Dry, clay-based products can be more difficult to apply to hair in large quantities than wet products. Sensitive hair that comes out easily may suffer as a result.

7) Buzz-cut

Buzz Cut


Men who can pull off a buzz-cut are the envy of all mankind. Low-maintenance, easy to cut and no product required. You could also save money in the long-term by investing in a pair of clippers and cutting your hair at home. Great for when your hair is thinning out a bit and you can no longer pull off the audacious pompadour. You also now show off those head tattoos that you’ve been meaning to flaunt.


Not all men can get away with this. Those with unusually shaped heads or with Yoda-like ears should probably avoid. Those with a buzz-cut also need to get their sunhat out as a bright red scalp is never attractive. You’re also waving goodbye to your creative side and you should prepare to feel the wrath of your more metrosexual friends.


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