Tips to Maintain Your Hair for Summer Time

While we are in the summer we know, the heat will attack our skin and body overall but what about our hair? The heat will attack our hair as well because the UV rays are stronger now. So how do we protect ourselves from these rays or sunshine will still doing our daily activities? Here a few tips to maintain the health and longevity of your hair regardless of your hair length for the summer time.

summer hair care tips

Use a chlorine protection shampoo and conditioner – Summer is the time that we head to the rivers, beaches, lakes and especially the beaches. The time is very hot so naturally we would want to cool down our bodies in the various water bodies. However, these waterbodies contain different elements in them that can cause more harm than good to our hair shaft. For example, the pool contains chlorine to purify the water and make it safe for swimming in. However, this purification that is to help our bodies, damages our hair shaft. The chlorine strips the hair shaft of its natural moisturise thus reducing the moisture barrier on the shaft so the chlorine can easily penetrate the hair. A way to combat this is by using chlorine protection shampoo and conditioner after swimming in the pool. The shampoo and conditioner is specially formulated to remove the chorine from your hair. As well add, to add moisture that the chlorine replaced so as to maintain the health of your hair.

Deep condition regularly – I said because it is summer it is hot, right? Since the temperatures have risen your hair will get frizzier. Deep conditioning on a regular basis such as every week helps with your hair frizziness. The deep conditioner penetrates the hair shaft and adds moisture thus preventing the frizz due to lack of moisture. As well as, it adds to the health of our hair because valuable nutrients are being deposited into the hair shaft.

Heat protection – Just like how we wear sunscreen for our bodies to protect from the sun whenever we go to the beach, pool, or any other waterbodies, we need that for our hair. Our hair needs to be protected from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. We can use our heat protectant spray that we use to flat iron or blow dry our hair for this same purpose. It’s heat, isn’t it? You would just apply the spray to the hair depending on how much you need. The heat protection spray will reduce any frizz or fly-aways that you encounter while in the sun. As well as, any frizziness due to the heat.

Wear a hat – Wearing a hat keeps your hair and yourself cool during the summer. It prevents the heat from attacking the body so that you start sweating. As well as, no UV rays can touch the hair shaft and cause fly-aways, frizz, and friction. You can wear sun blocker hats, sloggers or a regular old cap.

Spray a liquid in your hair before entering any waterbody – Before entering other water bodies such as the lake, river or beach with saltwater and sediments, you want to ensure that your hair is wet. Wetting up your hair with water or conditioner before entering the water will prevent the saltwater from stripping the hair of its moisture. As well as, allowing the sediments and salt to penetrate the hair shaft.

Wear a bun – You have heard the saying whenever in doubt bun it! So, whenever you are feeling hot then put your hair into a bun. Putting your hair into a bun saves you a lot of time for styling your hair. As well as, surviving the heat since your hair whether short, medium or long is kept off your body.

I hope these tips will help you to maintain the health of your hair during this hot season. Not that you should not care for your hair during all seasons but certain tips should be done to preserve it. Happy Summer!