Top Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut of All Time

Cristiano Ronaldo is in one success icon to watch out for in 2017. He is a brilliant footballer with a fashion sense to match. Cristiano flaunts a well built athletic figure which suits his dressing style. If you are not his fan on the pitch then you probably follow up on his fashion which is always on point. The Real Madrid player has successfully wowed his crowed with his trending haircuts which he changes regularly.


cristiano ronaldo haircut

Young boys and men from all over the world may prefer to copy Cristiano Ronaldo haircut or pick an idea or two to modify their own haircut ideas. As we celebrate men’s fashion, we can’t out leave CR7’s haircuts. Here are some of his top influential haircuts of all time. I have chosen then using these criteria:

· The haircut following

· How fashion effective it is

· Simplicity and how easy it can be modified

5. Crescent Fringe

This is the Ronaldo look that caused a stir when he first showed it to the world. The haircut features a front crescent fringe with a small side cut. To create this look, pat your fingers with some small amount of styling gel. Run the fingers from the side of your hair. Use your fingers to flick your wrist backwards and make the backward crescents.

cristiano ronaldo Crescent Fringe

4. Rolled Fawhawk with Lines

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is a fusion of multiple hairstyles. To create this rolled fawhawk with lines, cut your hair to give it a punk style. The finishes on the fringe should have a teddy greaser look and the lines on the side add an overall modern look to the entire hairstyle.

cristiano ronaldo Rolled Fawhawk with Lines

3. Asymmetrical Look

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut features a funky wet look all through with a crescent shape and spiked fringe ends. The short side hair is combed asymmetrically to the fringe and the back hair. Apply some styling gel to your finger tips and run then from the side of the fringe as you raise it to create some spikes.

cristiano ronaldo Asymmetrical Look

2. Short Cut with Fringe Highlights

Highlights are trending and everyone is trying a hairdo that is unique and authentic. The front fringe is Renaldo’s favorite and from this haircut, we can easily tell he loves to experiment on it. To achieve this look, trim the side hair to accentuate the fringe. Add in some dye highlights on the fringe and finish with a side cut just to create an edgier look, style as desired. Any color dye can work for this hairstyle.

cristiano ronaldo Short Cut with Fringe Highlights

1. The Wet Look

Most of Rolando’s haircuts complete a casual look or at least that’s what they are known for. Aside from being casual all the time, he has tried some executive haircuts that give him a simple and serious look. With the wet look, he spots some trimmed side hair that is shorter than his fringe. No side lines or styles are added. To finish the look, he adds in some styling gel and combs the fringe backward, almost to the side.

cristiano ronaldo The Wet Look

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