Top Cornrow Hairstyles Ideas for 2017

A great look in style and fashion for your next ‘do’ is cornrow hairstyles. It can be a great way to add length and give definition to the look you want. However, there is a large question as to how long does hair need to be for cornrows. You will get different opinions but here is what some of the top professionals say.

Cornrow hairstyles are West African type whereby the hair is plaited closely to the scalp and set in lines beginning from the top of the head down to the base of the skull. It is not a style often seen on western women and this, perhaps, is the reason why it is so eye catching when they do.


back swept plaits

There are many varieties of methods you can try when styling your hair this way but it might be wise to see a professional hairstylist get the job done correctly. cornrow hairstyles can be quite intricate, and they will be able to show you how to do it in the comfort of your home.

Although cornrow hairstyles have originally been styled in straight rows across the scalp, they can also be done in designs around the scalp. This adds to the uniqueness of the look and is also a great way to keep the style neat.

Stylists for cornrow hairstyles can be found at almost any leading hair salon in the country, but it might be wise to call ahead to see if they have a stylist who can do the job to avoid disappointment. They will also be able to inform you as to how you should maintain the style.

Blue Straight Back Twists

In defining the length, your locks need to be it can be at short as an inch. But do not run off to the salon just yet. If you want cornrow hairstyles, you may pay a pretty penny, especially if the stylist has to add hair to your head.

It will also be very time-consuming to do cornrow hairstyles. This is what costs the most money for shorter lengths as you are paying for the stylist’s time. A good weave will run you close to a hundred dollars or more depending on where you live. It will also depend on how many people are working on you.

Curly Copper Rows

Speed is something that a stylist builds if they do this style often. You do want to find someone who does it well. The time and hold are better for curly manes, but often someone with straight hair wants this look as well. It can be done but know that shorter, or one inch in length, will most likely not stay in long.

If you want the look to last after you have paid a lot of money to get it, try to have your hair at least four inches. This way you can get a great foundation and fabulous hold. As you let it grown, it will stay in much better for your needs.

Side Flowing Medium Size French Twists

It is also recommended to go to a salon that specializes in cornrow hairstyles as they to the longest lasting work. No matter what the length they know and have the skills to make it last.

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1. Mohawk with cornrows

Mohawk with cornrows

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