Zayn Malik Hairstyle From the Beginning Until Now

Already familiar with Javadd Zain Malik or popularly known as Zayn Malik? The Former One Direction’s often changing his hairstyle. Approximately how does the metamorphosis of a Zayn Malik hairstyle? Let’s find out together.

Rockstar Zayn Malik Haircut

The Zayn Malik  haircut also gets viral. His fans loves and anxiously wait for the new haircut. The style of haircut changes after one week. These all style look awesome. He has tried out the haircut styles like long, short, twister, zig zag and shaggy. It seems like his face is for all the haircuts. All these haircuts are of his favorite. He wants to give new look to him. He does not want to become an idle person. He wants that he must the part of the public figure by his tattoos, haircuts and songs.

Zayn Malik Haircut is Trend in Fashion Industry

Zayn Malik is giving stylish to him. Here is the list of few haircuts which are the trends settle by the Zayn Malik:

Bouffant Hairstyle

Zayn Malik hairstyle

At the beginning, at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London in December 2011, Zayn appeared with Bouffant hair style. Since then this hairstyle so the trend among high school boys. Because the bouffant style can make you look cool and cute at the same time.


Wind-Blown Coiffed Style

Still remember the premiere of One Direction with Zayn on NBC’s Today in 2012? When the guy graduated from the talent show, X-Factor, was performed with wind-blown coiffed hair style. No wonder that Zayn can instantly captivate fans.

Soft Spikes Hairstyle

Soft Spikes Hairstyle

Not only to appear cool and cute, Zayn which recently celebrated its 23 anniversary on January 12 could also appear attractive like a rockstar. Proven while attending the premiere of One Direction movies: This Is Us, Zayn appears with soft spikes hairstyle and using earrings in both ears.


Well, never thought it if Zayn has also performed with a Mohawk hairstyle like punk style. Taken from a photo on his Instagram account in May 2014, Zayn who grew up in East Bowling, it seems confident with a haircut that just left on top of it because it is very thin cut on both sides of the head. Complete with a thin beard, Zayn increasingly make melt the hearts of girls fans.

Side-Swept Style

A few months after the mohawk hairstyle photo circulating in cyberspace, Zayn again change his hairstyle with side-swept style while attending the iHeartRadio music festival in September 2014 ago. Zayn hair slightly curly model really seems to support this.

One Side Asymmetrical Pixie

Before deciding to pull out of the vocal group that made his name, Zayn seems to post his picture with his fellow One Direction. In the photo Zayn appears with his hair a bit messy with side asymmetrical pixie. While it seems not uniform, but Zayn still have rules and rewind live on good terms from One Direction on March 26, 2015.

Half Blonde – Half Black

Half Blonde Half Black

Late last year Zayn is reportedly close to a beautiful model Gigi Hadid. Along with expanding the rumor, Zayn actually appear before the public with a new hairstyle that is half black and half blonde. Interestingly, Zayn seems deliberately wore her hair messy overhead. Perhaps, he was really wanted to eliminate the boyband image with him.

Spiky Front. The sides of the head hair are mopped together and combed upward or forward

Classy haircut. All the hairs are well combed just one curled strip of hair is twisting on the face.

White Stripe. This hair style is mostly combed when he has to be adopt a casual look. There is a short white stripe at first.

Wavy and Spiky. The lower side of the head is well trimmed but front and back are as it is with long hair.

Medium Curly. This is unique hairstyle with medium curl. Sides of the head are well combed

Shaggy Look. The long or un trimmed hair with some rolls and curls are the part of this hairstyle

Marine Short Shave. The top hair are slightly longer than the sides

Well, that was the metamorphosis of change Zayn Malik haircut and hairstyle. Roughly where do you most like? Share your opinion through a comment below.

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